The Peeling of Life’s Onion: Nightmare in Nice

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The Peeling of Life’s Onion: Nightmare in Nice
Le Peeling de l’oignon de la vie: Nightmare à Nice

Whenever I develop a new article, I try to find some art and some Youtubes to lighten the blow of the heavy news while enriching all of my articles–the heavier or the lighter ones. In that vein, let’s head for the countryside in Provence, 1888, thanks to the brush of the great Vincent van Gogh.

Farmhouse in Provence, 1888, van Gogh

As it happens, I was debating about watching one of my favorite movies again tonight. I’ve “only” seen it about five times, and I wrote about it in Gourmet Cooking Doesn’t Use Cookbooks, It Creates Them.

Bastille Day festivities in Nice, France tonight broke into chaos again as what looked like an 18-wheeler plowed into crowds, killing what is now numbered at least 80 and injuring more than 100. The numbers keep rising, so I have no guarantee it will still be up to date by the time I push the button to publish.

After the driver was killed and police were able to gain access to the truck (lorry), explosives and firearms were discovered on the truck. According to the regional newspaper, Nice Matin, the attack took place at 10:30 PM.

Washington Post: Truck rams Bastille Day crowd in southern France

At first there was speculation that this wasn’t an attack, that it was an accident. But it looks pretty much a given since a shootout ensued in which the driver has been killed by police. Breaking news from CNN indicates that a French official has said gunfire preceded the truck plunging into the crowd, “mowing people over, clearly accelerating as he hit them.”

I confess, if I were going to go a bit more slowly on this analysis, having about 5 people reaching out to ask how soon I can turn out the analysis and giving me info already does tend to push me into “omg-I-can’t-stop-to-breathe” mode, just a bit. On the more serious note, thank you to all who tipped me off to these events. I’m grateful but boy I really do need that trained octopus to help!

Okay, on to more serious things–more tragedy to be sure, and again, France is in the spotlight. I’m doing a quick run with this article and then will try to return to give more. I want to get the initial analysis out first since so many have been looking for it.

France - Bastille Day attack
If the time reported is as accurate as Nice Matin says, Saturn makes a 55-minute partile conjunction to the Midheaven (MC) with Neptune squaring Saturn by 1°19′ of orb from the intercepted first house position conjunct the South Node. I’ll resist calling Jupiter part of the Peeling of Life’s Onion aspect between Neptune and Saturn. Neptune and Saturn in hard aspect are the Peeling ofLife’s Onion–a powerful statement especially with Neptune conjunct the South Node.

Lynn Koiner notes in a recent posting about Transpluto, “Issues of discrimination, tearing apart and criticism are combined with the rise and rule of the common man against political figures.”

Surely this reference to Virgo she notes as Transpluto’s ruling sign points to the increase in attacks related to these kinds of issues. While I hesitate to give a rulership to Transpluto just yet, I won’t rule it out either.

With Venus having moved further into Leo now, Mercury has replaced Venus’ semisextile to Transpluto, and the two–Mercury and Transpluto–now form a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) to the third point at 16 Aquarius 13.

“There’s just no way it was an accident,” said Dominique Molina, a witness who also said the gunfire “sounded like a shooting range” in her conversation with Anderson Cooper during a two-hour special on CNN. “There are bodies everywhere,” she said.

I don’t think anyone can miss the significance of the Mars-Uranus 7-minute partile quincunx between 9th house Mars and 2nd house Uranus, but don’t forget the 55-minute partile conjunction of the Moon and Mars. In the 9th house, this conjunction easily might point even to the attacker as a single individual from a foreign land or an individual with foreign ties. One person noted, however, the potential for this having been a French citizen may point to “the enemy within.” Chilling words.

Recent events–from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh–seem to point to a shift in the energy taking place in these attacks. They’re not appearing to be as “regulated” as previous ones were. For that matter, the organizations related to these attacks aren’t always stepping forward as quickly as they have either.

Now while we’re still at the quincunx of Mars and Uranus (and yes, the Moon is also forming a partile quincunx to Uranus, warning of the need to adjust (and then some!), take another look at the pair of Centaurs–Juno at 00 Scorpio 37 and Ceres at 29 Aries 29–opposing each other in a 1°08′ orb.

Now periodically I’m all set to ignore a pair of placements and then notice something that catches my eye enough to give it a closer look. Such is the case here. First, let me point out the semisextile between Chiron and Uranus, the midpoint of which falls at 9 Libra 46. Enough to give an UQSXT to the 8th house cusp as the resonant point? Well, it would be a bit odd to me but certainly the presence of that area establishing the Resonant Point is curious at least–even more since Jupiter and the Part of Fortune form another semisextile. Here, with Jupiter and the Part of Fortune, the Resonant Point falls at 4 Aries 52. By itself, this might not be remarkable, but please note the antiscion of Chiron at 4 Libra 53 in 1-minute partile opposition to that Resonant Point!

The Antiscion of a particular placement–a planet, a luminary, I’ve never tested it with Centaurs (but who’s to say it’s not possible? I’ll keep an open mind)–acts as a conjunction to that original placement. The contra-antiscion behaves like an opposition. I discussed antiscia in my Pluto – Full On, Part 1 with a table of Solstice Points, the synonym for antiscia.
Solstice PointsCharts have a remarkable interweaving capability, much like those threads of the fabric to which I often refer as the fortification of a chart, the threads warping and weaving through each other to create a stronger piece of cloth. It stands to reason then that the Resonant Blooming UQSXT formed from the Mercury-Transpluto semisextile and the third point at 16 Aquarius 13 creates the potential for the 11-minute partile semisextile to Pluto which would then create another Resonant point at 1 Leo 08, forming a 32-minute partile conjunction to Mercury in the first semisextile I mentioned!!

Can this be taken to any further context? I’m not sure yet! I just saw it as I was writing the article, but it does offer the possibility that these Resonant points play critical roles. That’s not to say Resonant points should be considered arbitary placements. I don’t believe they can be. But these  particular Resonant points seem to have a magnetic dynamic that could be described as something of a domino effect. After all, a truck initially driven about a mile into the main street of Nice and then driving another mile past the place where people lay dead or dying may have had this kind of effect. Seeing it once, I am not yet inclined to give it more credence; but I will give it enough to keep an eye out for more examples to see whether they hold up to such scrutiny.

CNN quote: “French Official: Gunfire first from truck, then plows into crowd.” 

The chart has an even North-South split but the Western 2nd and 3rd quadrant dominance implies the likelihood that the gunman/driver acted under the direction or influence of others. Of course there are no guarantees here. First, authorities will need to see whether the driver had a cell phone. Much will be told from there if so.

As I’ve written, the news has just come across that an identity card of a French Tunisian has been found in the truck, but it is not yet known whether this individual is or was a French citizen with foreign ties or an immigrant. One authority on CNN noted the possibility of the French citizen who may have been “the enemy within.” Chilling words.

Nevertheless, it’s a tragic event in the midst of a still present Mercury-Venus conjunction where people were gathered to have a good time tonight as the citizens of most nations do with independence day celebrations. To be sure, France is strong, and the nation will continue to be strong and rise again in fury if need be. Don’t count them out just yet. The words of their national anthem will tell you why:

Pour la France et Nice: Mon cœur est avec vous. Que vous et vos familles restent fort, uni, et axé sur la paix et l’amour. (To France and Nice: My heart is with you. May you and your families remain strong, united, and focused on peace and love.)

In the meantime, it’s time now for me to close while I head for these newsletters drowning me!

Namaste, I love you,

©2016 Michelle Young