The Peeling of Life’s Onion That Shattered a Happy Family

On Saturday afternoon, in Westchester County near New York City, while his wife and oldest daughter were away from the house, a retired, decorated police officer murdered his lovely 13- and 17-yo daughters before killing himself and apparently one of the family pets.

Because it was such a stunning crime taking place in a quiet community where the entire family had been known and loved, I wanted to have a look at the chart since the day’s events were completely unexpected.

Retired Cop Kills 2 teenaged daughters and self

A Moon-Uranus 45-minute partile conjunction in the 9th squared Pluto, with Pluto in a 43-minute partile square specifically to Uranus although not partile to the Moon. Nevertheless, certainly the Moon’s placement had relevance as the trigger point to this tragic incident.

Not especially surprising, Jupiter fell in the 1st house, conjunct the Ascendant and in trine to the Moon-Uranus placement in Jupiter’s natural zodiacal house. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Pluto fell in a hard aspect 149°09′ quincunx to each other. A quincunx aspect is 150°, and this one fell within a reasonable orb of less than 1°. What makes this particular quincunx so potent lies in the meaning itself: A quincunx requires adjustment, something we don’t always like to do. And to make matters worse, Pluto makes a quincunx (within orb at 151°46) to the Ascendant, of course, since Jupiter is conjunct.

And then there’s the Sun in the 7th house in Neptune-ruled Pisces, conjunct Neptune in the 8th, a terminal house, in square to 4th house Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. The Sun is making that quindecile aspect to Jupiter–an inherently obsessive quality–is exact at 165°. This transiting aspect was well within its orb at 162°47.

Saturn in a 27-minute partile square already to the conjuncting Sun-Neptune midpoint at 5 Pisces 00 ensured there was no turning back. Once again, this square points to the peeling of Life’s onion. The murder-suicide was planned for a while, and it doesn’t seem likely that Glen Hochman, the retired officer, had any thought of stopping himself from pulling that trigger yesterday afternoon. With that Sun-Jupiter quindecile in play, perhaps there was just too much pressure to stop, and it became the point of no return.
©22 February 2015 Michelle Young