The World Mourns and Stands With You, UK – June 3, 2017, Part 1

The Talmud says, “Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.” (Mishnah Sanhedrin, chapter 4) ) I thought about these words last night. They seemed so fitting, it felt right for this article this time.

I couldn’t find a quote from the Bhagavad Gita even with help, but the following mantra is comparable to the same quote from the Talmud. The explanation of this mantra is especially meaningful here–more than the one offered in the following video.

Unfortunately “he” wasn’t as gentle looking as the Limoges below when Mars again visited the United Kingdom last night, just as it had on March 23 when a driver drove into a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge near the Parliament. Quite the contrary, another 6 lives were taken in addition to the three armed with a vehicle and large knives in a dual attack.

Mars - ca 1605 probably Jean Limosin - Limoges2

UK terrorist attack June 3 inside, London Bridge outside

UK terrorist attack June 3 inside, London Bridge outside

Because of the time constraints I have, I’m using the attack chart on the inside of the chart for the London Bridge. When I looked at the reverse–using the transits against the bridge, I found it might be less easy for the beginner to spot the aspects and have chosen as a result to use this view. As I often do, however, I have been known to add charts anyway–even when I haven’t expected to. But I just have so much time, and there are two major charts I still have to do, one of which will be likely to form the skeletal structure of a full-scale series.

When I first looked at the event chart, it seemed as if the Western hemisphere had the greater impact on this chart. But a closer look–solely at the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and the planets gives neither the East nor the West dominance. However, there is a clear below-the-horizon dominance with the emphasis on the first quadrant–the only one of the four with four planetary and/or luminary bodies inside. In this case, that’s the first house Pluto, the second house Neptune, and the third house 32-minute partile conjunction of Uranus and Venus.

It’s not often that I see a partile conjunction within orb of 4° to an angle, giving me reason to call it a conjunction in both the house in which it’s located (in this case, Venus and Uranus in the 3rd) and in the next house, the 4th. But they’re most definitely relevant. But what makes this so fascinating then offers the shift from the split hemispheres with a first quadrant dominance to the Western hemisphere and a very clear second quadrant emphasis. The below-the-horizon strength is evident and leaves nothing to question.

I thought I’d heard when the reports first started coming out, people were thinking it was perhaps another lone wolf attack. It was only when the men started pouring out of the vehicle that there were varying versions of this being an attack by more than one individual. With that in mind as well as the split energies of this attack, I’m comfortable with shifting my focus to my original thought that this was indeed a Western dominated chart with a second quadrant below-the-horizon emphasis. Especially with the Sun in Gemini, it seems almost ironic, doesn’t it? But here is the nation with the Queen as the head of the monarchy, and the presence of Ceres, the nurturing mother conjunct the Sun with a mere 1°09′ orb. Such a conjunction could even point to an insult against the Queen–not to mention the entire United Kingdom since the homeland is also usually called “the Motherland.”

The bridge has a 14-minute partile square between natal Jupiter and natal Pluto. Perhaps this wouldn’t be more important to mention than I’ve already done, but the London Bridge’s Jupiter-Pluto square holds a great deal of significance in English history. The attack, however, tapped the authority of the nation itself in this particular pair of events last night. Mars and Jupiter, even by placement, form an out-of-sign conjunction; but they also form conjunctions to each other by antiscia. In turn then, Mars is also forming a square to the bridge’s Pluto, establishing the likelihood of an attack on this particular day.

Don’t take this to mean every time this placement appears, it would be enough to trigger another attack. Thankfully, astrology is more complex than that! On the other hand, under the “right” conditions and timing at the same time Mars formed angles to this natal square, yes, I think it’s possible. But the conditions aren’t merely one or two. If that were all there was to it, such an event would be happening time and again in the same places at the same times!

If we are to believe NASA (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and their guesstimates, the planets and luminaries don’t return to precise places where they were as a collective formation for approximately 25828 years after the last time they were in that position. But it can indicate a situation that requires extra precautions. These precautions can be especially important since John Davenport explains, “the road on the bridge leads right into the heart of the City of London and all the big financial district. In this sense, it resonates with the Bank of England, also under Jupiter/Pluto, ruling the masses of money.”

I could have sworn I heard something about concerns that this had been a robbery-related crime, so it’s a curious point to see. As I’ve written, John and I have conversed a bit about the respective points of the chart. But John will be looking at another section in part 2 as a guest author of that section this time. We’d been hoping to share time on an article of length like this, and it works well since it also gives me a chance to get a few hours of sleep perhaps before I have to leave for a brief time later. So I’ll move on to the next focus I wanted to cover: Are there any undecaquartisextile (165°) patterns in the blend?

It would be so easy to pass this on to John already, but the most obvious placements by now should have caught your eye if you know any of the configurations:

Saturn Rx forms a tight 1°20′ conjunction to the Ascendant in opposition to the event’s Moon, but it doesn’t stop there: Take a close look, and you’ll see the Bridge’s Moon at 26 Virgo 51 in both the 8th and 9th houses just as the event’s Venus-Uranus conjunction was doing with the 3rd and 4th house cusp (the IC), in a 10-minute partile square to the Ascendant as well as the 1°30 orb of the partile square between the Bridge’s Moon and the event’s Saturn. With Saturn’s placement in opposition to Mars and the Bridge’s Jupiter, that establishes a T-square with the Moon at the arm of the T-square.

However, we can’t really even stop there just yet because the Moon as a luminary has a wider orb. In the Bridge’s chart, there is a Sun-Pluto out-of-sign conjunction which establishes a mutable Grand Cross with the Sun and even a Cardinal T-square with the attack’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction (conjunct the Bridge’s Mars)! This was not just a random attack at all. It was carefully planned and better executed than one might expect: They were prepared for what would happen because they had expected to be dead by the end of these events! The Moon’s placement in the 8th alludes to these possibilities just as Saturn from the Bridge’s chart and the Venus-Uranus in the event chart fell in the 4th. With the attack chart’s placement outside the London Bridge natal chart, we see 4th house Saturn moves to the 12th house in an interception of the Bridge chart!

I can’t leave this chart without looking next at the semisextile established between the event chart’s Chiron and Venus in its conjunction to the IC. The semisextile resolves at 13 Libra 06, in a 10-minute partile conjunction to Jupiter Rx in the 9th in a Blooming Undecaquartisextile. I’m inclined to suspect the 9th house connection isn’t all that odd since ISIS already claimed responsibility and the 9th is where we look for foreign affairs. It’s also not especially surprising to me that I found the event chart’s Venus in the 12th house of the Bridge chart and Chiron in the 11th house. When I checked to see where the Blooming Undecaquartisextile fell then, I discovered the 13 Libra 06 resolution falls in a 16-minute partile conjunction to the 6th house cusp! Remember, the attack chart’s Jupiter is also here at 13 Libra 18 Rx, establishing another 10-minute partile conjunction to Jupiter. For me, this was a confirmation that the perpetrators of the attack on London Bridge had definitely been part of a team effort. After all, there were no accidents last night. They were deliberate acts.

I’ll close this now and let John pick up in The World Mourns and Stands With You, UK, June 3, 2017, Part 2.

Until next time…

Namaste, I love you,

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