The World Mourns and Stands With You, UK, June 3, 2017, Part 2
This begins astrologer John Davenport‘s part of the article. I have done minor edits for cohesiveness while retaining the precise meaning John has intended. The choice of additional graphics in the form of art and videos was mine. Some charts used are repeats of those I used in Part 1. They’ve been repeated for continuity between the two parts. I trust John will be pleased with those I’ve included as well. John’s article structure is lined up differently than I use. He prefers to cluster them in the beginning, and I understand his doing so as he does, just as he understands why and how I organize mine. Please keep that in mind if you get confused moving from Part 1 to Part 2 and back. If you’re in his section, you’ll need to remember the slight structural change–with apologies for any confusion you may have as a result.

The World Mourns and Stands With You, UK, June 3, 2017, Part 1

I must say Michelle has done a marvelous job in looking at this attack as an event, and in light of the chart for London Bridge. This event has been personal for me. One of my close family had been drinking in the Southwark Tavern pub where one person was stabbed just minutes before the mayhem.

UK terrorist attack June 3 inside, London Bridge outside

Here I’d like to look at the event chart around that of London Bridge as well as several mundane charts relevant to this recent atrocity. I hope they will be useful to those who are unaware of the way that multiple inception charts can help paint a distinct picture, and pinpoint sensitive degree areas.

London Bridge inside, attack outside

For those who have never heard of an Inception chart, they are mundane astrological charts cast for significant moments in the development of nations, cities, towns or businesses.

When we have several related charts, we can often see a specific event in all of them. Many astrologers try to determine the ‘best’ chart and dismiss the others. I think this leads us on a fool’s errand. In many cases, each chart can be used in different circumstances.

When the related charts’ progressions interact, they can ‘collude’ to bring about events or just reinforce a notion or theme recurring throughout. When working these charts, I usually start with the oldest first; however for the sake of continuity from Part 1, this won’t be the case here.

The chart for London Bridge is included in Dr. Nicholas Campion’s Book of World Horoscopes. Of this, Campion mentions that this chart came from Alfred Pearce’s Textbook of Astrology, and was set for the start of its building; Pearce also considered this to be relevant to the City as a whole.

The second chart I’d like to explore is given by Harold Wigglesworth in his award winning booklet The Astrology of Towns and Cities [The Municipal Corporations of England]. This chart is listed as that of London City and as an act of corporation [this being set at 00:00 hours LMT on 9th September 1835].

London City chart inside, attack outside with JU-PL squares forming GC2

And lastly I’d like to delve into the chart of the Bank of England, a Royal Charter which I set for noon on 27th July 1694.

Bank of England inside, P2 Bank of England middle, outer London Bridge attack2

The Bridge, as noted in Part 1, leads straight into the centre of the City financial district and the Bank of England’s headquarters the focal point. The degree of the event MC is of particular interest in this regard, for the present headquarters of the Bank of England was reopened by the Queen on 24th October 1975 with the Sun at this MC degree and her own Sun opposite and conjunct the IC.

Bank of England - The Great Hall2

The Jupiter/Pluto cycle is also very important to this area for its correlation to ‘the masses of money’. All three charts are bound by these aspects. Both the London Bridge and City charts have the waxing square, proving the action needed to allow further growth to occur. The Bank has the conjunction.

Now if we look again at Michelle’s chart, we find the Bridges MC in very tight conjunction with the 2nd house cusp of the event. Michelle prefers Placidus to my Koch houses, but hats off to this one Placidus! Retrograde Jupiter, the Ascendant ruler, is also quincunx (150°) to 2nd house Neptune, indicating the attack’s design was to disrupt the City’s financial district and borne from a perverted ideology/value system.

Saturn retrograde, ruler of the 2nd, sits in conjunction with the ascendant in Sagittarius from the 12th house. This shows foreign planning in this endeavour, and yet those involved retreat into the shadows of the 12th house. Maybe Jupiter in the 9th represents the attackers’ eventual longing for martyrdom and deliverance into the hands of their God.

Looking at the London Bridge chart with the event as transits, I see the Sun in Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune with both in aspect to the Ascendant–Jupiter in trine, Neptune in square. By secondary progression, the Ascendant also forms a tight square with Jupiter, the Descendant ruler, showing an active assertion by those who wish to harm any in the vicinity.

Interestingly the Gemini Ascendant is at a degree area traditionally associated with London. This was also the site of a progressed Moon/Ascendant conjunction in the national 1801 chart, when the result of the Brexit referendum was announced. Saturn, ruler of the Aquarian MC, throws its antiscion at the IC. This may give credence to Pearce’s belief in this chart being used for the City as a whole. The nature of the start of a building project certainly shows here.

Moving on to the London City corporate chart, this act oddly came into being exactly at the same Jupiter/Pluto phase in the very next cycle as that of the building of London Bridge with Mars having just returned as well. Saturn, ruler of the Aquarian MC, throws its antiscion at the IC. This may give credence to Pearce’s belief in this chart being used for the City as a whole. The nature of the start of a building project certainly shows.

The chart is dominated by a massive angular T-square, comprising a 10th house Moon/Pluto conjunction, opposite 4th house Mars/Saturn in square to Jupiter/Ascendant. Here, we see a big push to control the masses via dominant hierarchies and financial clout. It makes sense that these terrorist incidences are kicking against colonial/Christian/Western power. The waning square of Jupiter/Pluto (JU/PL) at attack is the outcome of the City’s expansion during the waxing phase at both the Bridge and the city charts. The missing arm of the T-square falls on the Descendant, pointing toward opposing forces to the original intention. With the Descendant at the Uranus/Node in the London Bridge chart, we can imagine how quickly the pace of influence can change in the City’s life. That Uranus is conjunct the 9th cusp with Koch houses and strong in Aquarius, we can see the City of London’s unusual international influence.

At the event, the transiting Nodal axis was now cutting through the 3rd/9th axis with the South Node (SN) conjunct Uranus. The progressed Ascendant also forms a conjunction to the progressed SN. Could this be indicative of a random act of ploughing into a crowd of people with a van?

Meanwhile, transiting Pluto hovers over the Descendant, and Neptune applies to the Midheaven. The Jupiter/Neptune quincunx mentioned earlier comes into play here. The progressed MC is also opposing its natal position, potentially posing a real dilemma. These transits are very telling in terms of the issues related to Brexit; the uncertainty in all of this is compounded by the natal 7th house Neptune in square to the MC of the event chart.

In many respects I believe the Bank of England was the main target in all of this. Let’s take a look at the Bank’s chart, and remember this is the oldest of the three:

The Sun in Leo, sitting at the MC and bracketed by a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, forms a stellium with Mercury (trade) at the end of the sign. The Sun as final dispositor presents an incredible dynamic for the wielding of power and influence. We can see the Royal patronage in this chart, and yet the bank was set up to alleviate the funding of many disastrous wars (Mars/Neptune opposition, with Neptune forming the 6th house quincunx). Uranus, the IC co-ruler, at 17 Gemini sits at the same degree area associated with London and establishes a conjunction to Venus, the Ascendant ruler, on the 9th cusp–just a degree from the Ascendant of the Bridge chart. We can feel the importance of international affairs, whether through war or sudden multiple market fluctuations whilst the Bridge allows the Bank to function more freely in the local environment.

The Mars/Neptune opposition is respectively semi-sextile/quincunx the Ascendant, forms a T-square with Saturn, and ties to the Full Moon within the London Bridge chart. Mars/Neptune is ‘active water’, and symbolizes the flow of the river giving much accessibility–essentially the whole reason London is the United Kingdom’s capital city.

The Bank is now at its Saturn return whilst the progressed Moon sits alongside Pluto at the natal MC in partile conjunction to the natal Sun. Transiting Uranus has just started its journey through the 7th house (opposition and/or conflict), all happening at a time when the progressed Ascendant is conjunct natal Mars (triggering the T-square with Saturn and Neptune) and simultaneously the progressed Sun/MC occupies the T-square’s missing arm. WOW!

Even this far into the analysis, we noticed a Cardinal Grand Cross right in front of us in the biwheel of the City chart and the attack chart where a Mars/Saturn conjunction in the City chart establishes an opposition to the Moon-Pluto conjunction while also forming a conjunction between the City chart’s Mars/Saturn and the attack chart’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction. From there, this complex joint conjunction then squares the City’s Jupiter/Ascendant conjunction which opposes the attack chart’s Pluto on the 7th house cusp! We’re at the end of the Cardinal hard aspects cycle for now and yet, the combination of these charts still pulls in the last vestiges of these dynamics we’ve witnessed from the Cardinal crosses and squares of the last eight years!

The progressed solar position is also curious. At the time of the corporate act, the progressed Sun was opposite its present degree, indicating a revaluation of where things are heading, of risk assessments, insurances and security issues…

I’ve found in progressing the Bank’s chart to that of London Bridge, the Ascendant of the Bridge is the progressed IC of the Bank. The opening of the Bridge facilitates access to the Bank.

Doing the same for the City corporate act, we find the City’s MC is conjunct the progressed Ascendant of the Bank. The City chart is incorporated to protect and oversee the financial sector.

Plenty to think about, John! I loved doing this collaborative effort to bring this full circle. Thanks so much for agreeing to produce this dual analysis with me! I think you’re right: We could have done a book!

On that note, until next time…

Namaste, I love you,

©2017 Michelle Young and John Davenport