The World Tapestry: Charges In The Flint Water Crisis

Regardless of where you are in the world, by now most of you know about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan because it could happen to any and all of us. As this crisis has gone on, so has another water crisis around the world in India so I suppose I’ve been following both with quiet interest. That doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means I was watching. Without water, we can’t live. It sounds dramatic, I know, but think of it: No boiling rice or potatoes, no simple drink whether of water or lemonade, tea or coffee. No simple functions like bathing or brushing teeth.

So in the course of such concerns–where in California they have another kind of water crisis and worry about how to resolve it, and in Arizona where conservation of water is critical to supplies there–the Flint water crisis is far more serious because we’re seeing the worst of the worst cases, of course. It’s affecting families not because of conservation or a lack of water, rather because of contamination that could have and should have been prevented or resolved by now.

water13 Officials Charged Over Flint Water Crisis – NBC News

This isn’t a long article. I still need to do the newsletter; but as life goes, so does the news, and I’m not letting this go without covering it, of course.

Michigan Water Crisis - first tweet of charges against 3Moon-ruled Cancer on the Ascendant reminds us of the nightmare in Flint for over 18 months as families struggled to survive amidst egregious wrongs. Those simple things I mentioned in the first paragraph were denied average folks like you and me, and it was worse: Many children were irrevocably harmed by drinking the lead-based water. I’m especially moved by this situation as well as I look back to the contamination of ground water in Endicott, New York where a double plume of contamination from thousands of gallons of chemicals poured into the ground resulted in cancers that never should have happened in the very young all the way up to the very old.

In this chart, we see a clear Eastern 4th quadrant above-the-horizon dominance commanding this chart–as it should!  Neptune conjuncts the Midheaven, and I have this mental image of the god Neptune rising from the water to say, “At last! The damage to my home is being addressed!” It’s at the apex in a very important position, as it should be.

Now while I don’t always note the Sabian Symbols and especially rarely pay attention to the Centaurs, Pallas stands in the 9th house at Aquarius 29, which Lynda Hill reminds us in 360 Degrees Of Wisdom: The Sabian Oracle is “A BUTTERFLY EMERGING FROM A CHRYSALIS.” In her commentary on this degree, Lynda notes, the implication of “nothing less than a complete emergence into a new life and total transformation. It’s facing a whole new beginning and an entirely new life from what it has previously known. The ‘Butterfly’, after it struggles to ‘Emerge’ from its ‘Chrysalis’, takes a moment to stretch its wings and orient itself. It has shrugged off its ‘Chrysalis’ and is free to take flight when the moment is right.” (©Lynda Hill 2004)

Such imagery certainly points to the efforts of the Michigan State Attorney General Bill Schuette in taking this case to the Genesee District Court in fighting for justice for the ±400 homes in Flint that were affected by water contamination.

The New York Times pointed to the political crisis that also looms for Republican Governor Rick Snyder who seems to be attempting to backtrack (my thoughts, not those of the NY Times) for his part in this crisis. The city’s utilities administrator, a district engineer and a district supervisor were accused of various charges which are detailed in the New York Times article hyperlinked here.

Neptune stands alone at the apex of the chart while forming an angular mutable T-square bringing out the Peeling of Life’s Onion, with Jupiter fittingly in the 4th house and Saturn, also fittingly, intercepted in the 6th house of services and health. Although Saturn isn’t ruling the chart much less the 9th house of legal matters, it’s important to note Saturn’s natural zodiacal rulership of the Midheaven (MC) and the 10th house since we also look here for government affairs. Saturn also conjuncts the Part of Fortune (PoF) in the chart–and that newly retrograde position of Mars.

This tragedy supposedly was a cost-cutting effort on the part of officials–and that led to the wrongs against the families in the mostly black community of Flint. Bringing back thoughts of “A BUTTERFLY EMERGING FROM A CHRYSALIS,” the moment is right for the metamorphosis to take place, bringing life and improving health to Flint as justice steps in and wrongs are corrected.
butterfly copyrightedThe Saturn-Pluto semisextile plays another major role in this move to the courts today, however, with the powerful Blooming Undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) to the Ascendant, pointing to the issues related to the home. Although there are individual Undecaquartisextiles in the chart–among them, the Sun and the Moon, there’s also a Resonant Blooming UQSXT showing in a particularly unique way because it points to the story. It’s fairly common knowledge that I really don’t work with much outside of the basics, but asteroid lovers will probably be intrigued with this little pearl since the Moon-Jupiter 34-minute partile semisextile forms a Resonant Blooming UQSXT to the Ceres/Chiron midpoint at 27 Pisces 49.

The fourth house in the natural zodiacal chart points to the home, ruled by the Moon in the natural wheel. Some will point to Chiron as the “wounded healer” but again, consider how this reference to charisma and sizzle in performance can lend to some critically important revelations in the course of what the 4/10 house axis shows in this chart: Making the changes in the home through government action, accountability and challenge to right the wrongs.

Ironically, at the same time I’ve been writing this article, the news of women’s faces on US currency broke, and it points to a long-overdue righting of historic wrongs:

Harriet Tubman to Appear on $20 Bill, While ‘Hamilton’ Popularity Keeps Founding Father on $10

So where does the Blooming Undecaquartisextile fit in here? That too is easy:  It speaks of the relationship (7th house) where the law stepped in through its responsibility to the people–people in their homes as shown through Cancer on the Ascendant, again, reiterating that 4th house emphasis–and the responsibility through service, including health services. This is about basic human rights, rights that ultimately affect all of us.

Sadly, the next concern will also be down the road and whether this will affect future offspring of the children currently in the midst of this crisis. The story should be reminding us of how precious life is, how precious this world is, and our critical need to take care of the environment before we continue to do irreparable damage to Mother Earth and the gifts given us through clean air, fresh clean water, precious soil from which we can grow new vegetation for all of the earth. The world has changed; but as long as we are alive, we still have hope to make a difference–one by one, and collectively. The chart points as well, therefore to our collective responsibility–that Saturn-Pluto semisextile–and our greater home on planet Earth.

Hopefully now until the newsletter I’m still trying to write (looks like I’ll be doing two at this rate! lol)…

Namaste, I love you,

©2016 Michelle Young