The World Tapestry: Did the World Just Implode??? Part 2

As I move into this new section of the article from part 1, I find it especially telling to see today’s Moon now triggering the Mercury-Mars perfected square set for tomorrow. I won’t analyze the chart but you might enjoy seeing it because it’s clearly partile: Since I’ll only post this one chart for the transits, I’m using the place as Greenwich, England, home to the Royal Observatory, and still in Daylight Saving Time. The East coast of the USA is 5 hours behind; India remains 5 hours 30 minutes ahead. Take note that the transiting opposition falls in a partile conjunction to the horizon!
MO-MA partile opp on horizon in square to MercuryMore critical for quick discussion is the Mercury-Mars square tomorrow (the 29th), taking place in the UK at  9:38:31 PM BST. Even though it will not be directly triggered by the Moon since that occurs today, don’t think this means things will be quiet tomorrow. The Moon is still highly active in a very surprising way.

Have a look at the antiscia for the Moon-Pluto 5-minute partile quincunx (150°). Moon at 15 Gemini 36 has its antiscia at 14 Cancer 24 while  Pluto’s placement at 15 Capricorn 41 falls at 14 Sagittarius 19, each of the antiscion then opposing the other’s original position, the Moon in Gemini opposed by Pluto’s antiscion, Pluto in Capricorn opposed by the Moon’s antiscion. From the antiscion of each opposing the other’s original chart position, the quincunx becomes a pair of oppositions as if it was already so in the chart itself.
UK - ME-MA square 7-29-16The combination implies a need to adjust in the midst of what may be a battle of wills and words that can still, therefore, end up in violent events. Hopefully tempers can remain cool but it will be challenging, depending on how the individuals involved see these working in their own natal charts.

The chart for the UK shows possibilities of issues showing up related to home tensions and perhaps an influence of 5th house affairs. A Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile of the Venus-Jupiter 1-minute partile semisextile and the resonant point in the first house at 6 Pisces 41, a highly sensitive degree, in square to Saturn. In turn, these aspects set off the still present Peeling of Life’s Onion. This particular angle is especially notable in the chart for the UK since the resonant point forms a 26-minute partile conjunction to the Ascendant-Neptune midpoint at 6 PI 15.
US Mercury-Mars Square - July 29, 2016
Take note, however, of the Moon now sitting on the 7th house cusp, forming a 29-minute partile quincunx to Pluto on the 2nd house cusp with the Moon in opposition by antiscion to Pluto at the 8th house cusp and Pluto in opposition by antiscion to the Moon on the Ascendant.

Meanwhile, the 9th house interception of Jupiter-8th house Venus partile semisextile places the resonant point in the 3rd house by interception. With Neptune also intercepted in the 3rd house in square to 12th house Saturn, the square is not necessarily less troublesome from this angle. It would seem that the issue of immigration will become another hot potato, the likes of which we haven’t seen to its fullest extent just yet.

IND Mercury-Mars Square - July 30, 2016

Similarly, the challenging adjust rather than resist focused square shows again from the 12th house Moon conjunction to the Ascendant in India’s chart with the antiscion falling inside the 2nd house cusp in opposition to 8th house Pluto with its antiscion now sitting on the 7th house cusp from inside the 6th house.

I would not presume Pluto’s antiscion to be only in the 6th although some might be tempted to do so. This is about relationships.and how India plans to deal with those relationships. The midpoint of the Descendant and Saturn falls at 14 Sagittarius 32, in a mere 13-minute partile conjunction to the Pluto antiscion, in square to the Moon’s nodes.

Meanwhile, the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile now forms from the 3rd house Venus 1-minute partile semisextile to 4th house Jupiter with the 3rd point falling in a 34-minute partile conjunction to the midpoint of Neptune and the Midheaven (MC).

 UK - Uranus Rx - 29 July 2016Now has my concern about the overall message related to the Uranus Retrograde falling on the heels of the transiting Mercury-Mars square during the ongoing still relevant Mutable T-square dawned on you yet? I know some are concerned about the Mercury-Mars square. But we can’t ignore the T-square between the Moon and a very active although waning opposition between the Moon and Saturn in square to Neptune.

For all purposes, in fact, the Moon is in perfect position to establish itself as a bridge, linking Jupiter to that set of angles, creating a Mutable Grand Cross. I really don’t pay as much attention to waning in charts like these because the tensions are still palpable.

Take note of the 1st house Chiron-intercepted Uranus 18-minute semisextile, forming the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile to the 7th house with the intercepted point at 9 Libra 39. When Uranus stations at 10:06 PM on the 29th of July in the UK, the Western, 2nd and 3rd quadrant dominance with neither above- nor below-the-horizon emphasis taking a greater position, the UK will be receiving the energies of the Uranus retrograde.

Now please don’t take that as our need to ignore events there. The UK may be the recipient of some vitriolic possibly related to economics as well as still more secrets perhaps coming out when least expected. Here, in the 12th house, it would seem those secrets will be revealed in a way the government might not appreciate. That Mutable T-square shifts into the Grand Cross with the Moon’s roll as the bridge builder. This doesn’t mean it’s automatically a good thing. After all, a T-square or a Grand Cross is challenging at best.

And to think we thought that was all there was with Brexit and Chilcot! Pay close attention to the Pisces rising for the UK. I don’t see this as an especially good thing either with Uranus intercepted. The Libra 7th house intercepted resonant point and the 12th house Pisces resonant points can indicate some additional concerns to keep people wondering what’s next.

Remember, the Moon and Saturn even in this chart are still squaring the Nodes. Could it be about Tony Blair and his wife? I suppose, but I think I’d be looking more at legal concerns, at foreign affairs, and how the United Kingdom will be communicating from this point on. This is still a time of accountability, and that points right back to what I wrote ten years ago with the Pluto ingress to Capricorn:

“…I think we’ll begin to see changes in the way international corporations are doing business. Corporate affairs will probably be the focus of Pluto in Capricorn, and I would imagine it will be something we will see on a very public level.

“Corporations, I’m guessing, will be called on to answer charges of glaring inequities between their public and behind closed doors images, and I’m anticipating that those corporate images will be forced to change dramatically. If recent history’s shocking news with such corporate mismanagement as Enron and other shady maneuvers displayed by companies like Halliburton are any indication, I think we’ll see even more heads rolling in the global corporate megalopolises.

“I think it’s likely that dirty corporate dealings will become more and more front page news as we move into Pluto’s transit of Capricorn, especially as Pluto makes the transition into Capricorn, shifting back and forth between Sagittarius and Capricorn for those few years.”

“…I think we’ll see political reforms playing huge roles around the world as well. The tastes of political reform have been evident in various countries already for the past few years, but I’m guessing that we’ll see even more changes in this arena for the next several years still.”

Now some may take view here as a potential for my having been once burned, twice shy–and I’ll even admit to that being possible. But I went through my Pluto files because of my wanting to look at what this particular transit of Pluto could mean in the greater scope of things and realized there were some points I found especially worth noting.

Consider how the following comments I made in re to India shortly before the New Moon fell at 5 Sagittarius 49 in 2008 in the hours after the siege on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai had begun relate to the Uranus Station to Retrograde chart for tomorrow.

INDIA - UR Rx inside, Mumbai 26 Nov 2008 outsidePrior to the November 26, 2008 attack, I had written in the Scorpio community I owned on Orkut, “”In all reality, the 27th, despite what I’m about to say, might actually be on the quiet side according to the degrees of that New Moon. The combination I’m thinking could be more likely on the 28th…a feeling of the unexpected, a word I’m sure our members in India and Pakistan might tremble at hearing. I haven’t looked at your national charts for this. Just that possibility of the unexpected. (Okay, so I peeked after writing that. Just stay alert and cautious, and hopefully I’m wrong. I just don’t like where that natal Mars – transiting Pluto opposition is happening. It speaks to the health of the nation. Transiting Mars is in a tight quincunx [150°] to natal Mars in both charts, of course, and that means a need to adjust. This is one of those times when you don’t dicker over whether you will or won’t. You do it.)

“Keep in mind now that the 27th is more than just American Thanksgiving. Uranus–still within orb of the opposition to Saturn–will return to apparent direct motion, indicating a reminder to expect the unexpected in our daily lives. Hopefully, the fact that I’m talking about this will be good because you might expect the worst and skate through the two days.

“…Transiting Pluto makes the ingress into Capricorn on the 27th, and we say good bye to what we have known of Pluto in Sagittarius. (Refer to my Pluto in Sagittarius moves into Capricorn thread in the archives.) There will be a demand for more order, for more accountability from governments–as they should.”

Take note of how the Pluto antiscion in opposition to the transiting Moon falls in the 6th house of health while the Moon antiscion in opposition to transiting Pluto falls at the 1st house side of the conjunction to the 2nd house.  Also pay attention to Neptune’s conjunction to the Midheaven (MC) in square to Saturn in the 6th house while Mars–also in the 6th–squares Mercury in the third.

The Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile formed by the now perfected semisextile of 3rd house Venus and 4th house Jupiter resolves at 6 Pisces 44, conjunct the MC and in square to Saturn as well. Although the chart shows an Eastern 1st and 4th quadrant emphasis with a below-the-horizon dominance points to a quieter effort to tackle things in India, the presence of that resonant point at the MC seems to indicate it won’t be all that quiet or simply swept under the rug.

Despite any possibility of a hush hush attitude, it may instead imply that events can spill over especially since the other Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile forms from the 18-minute partile semisextile between Chiron and Uranus and resolves in the 4th house at 9 Pisces 39, in 18-minute partile square to Saturn in the 6th!

Part 3 has still more charts and analysis. I hope you’ll continue to read.