The World Tapestry: Mayhem in Munich

July 22, 2016: I was feeling oddly devoid of emotion this afternoon and couldn’t figure out why. That’s not me. I had been examining the charts for Uranus’ station to Retrograde set for exactly one week from today–the 29th of July–and had created the chart for the UK with this in mind. The first thing that struck me with the UK chart was the Uranus 1st house interception and my awareness of the Resonant point in the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile which would also be intercepted in the 7th house. I was nervous about what I was seeing and didn’t even have a chance to analyze what it was before the news came in:

Somewhere between my studying the charts and my hearing the news, I became aware that I was crying again. It seems I’ve been doing that a lot lately. No warning. No feeling like I’m going to, only the tears as they start to flow. Sometimes I know. Sometimes I don’t. I’m still not sure what triggered the tears. Sometimes they’re precognitive, sometimes telepathic and sometimes just a part of me. Since these were without warning, it was most likely one of the first two and not coming from me.

Grief - Albert Bartholemé - late 19th century

Grief – Albert Bartholemé – late 19th century

“The gunman was killing the children,” a Muslim German eyewitness said. Her 8-year-old child saw one gunman loading his pistol in the bathroom. Police are saying this appears to have been an act of terrorism. There is a question of whether 5, 6 or 15 have been killed so far. Again, if one has been killed, it’s one too many. The woman also heard the gunman in the bathroom as he exclaimed, “Allah Akhbar.”

New York Times:  Several Are Believed Dead in Shooting at Shopping Center in Munich

“The shooting started in a fast-food restaurant at 5:52 p.m., according to initial police accounts. The police ordered people to stay away from the shopping mall, the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum. They shut down traffic and issued an extraordinary appeal for people to avoid public places, including the subway system, suggesting that the gunman might still be at large. On Twitter and on television, witnesses reported hearing sirens and police helicopters.” ©2016 The New York Times Company

Germany - UR Rx

I hadn’t calculated the Resonant point fully yet in the UK chart, but expect it to be about 9 Libra 39. But the same will hold true, just outside of the interception. The Uranus station to Retrograde (Rx) in Munich, however, is not intercepted although it’s still in the 1st house, forming the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile to 9 Libra 39 in the 7th.

In the time since I began writing this, the toll has risen to 8.

But rather than Uranus being intercepted in the Uranus Rx chart, Chiron now takes the interception. Chiron is the other point in the 18-minute partile semisextile developing into the Undecaquartisextile aspect pattern as well as another curious point: The Neptune (NE)-South Node (SN) midpoint at 12 Pisces 24, forms a second partile semisextile (11 minutes of orb in the NE-SN midpoint-Ascendant (ASC) semisextile) with a Resonant point falling in the 6th house interception of Virgo at 27 Virgo 29.

I got curious to see where the midpoint of these two Resonants fall and I wasn’t disappointed: 3 Libra 59.5 (for all purposes, 4° of Libra), forming a 43-minute partile conjunction to the Vertex of the chart. If anyone ever wondered about the power and sensitivity of the Vertex, here we can see how powerfully sensitive this point can be. There is another point in the Uranus Rx chart needing to be addressed, and this is the issue of a 1-minute partile square between Mercury and Mars with Mars placed in the 8th house and Mercury in the 6th.

“The German polizei are very good at what they do. They also have good intelligence connections. The shots fired sounded, at least to me, like a (9 mm) semiautomatic pistol. … It’s a lot easier to get rid of pistols.” Lt. Gen Mark Hertling, Ret (CNN Military Analyst)

For all the “good intelligence connections” they have however, my peek at the attack chart, coming up next, just doesn’t feel like it’s a “done deal” in re to this being a terrorist attack. As odd as this sounds, the number of those dead or dying seems low for a so-called terrorist attack. Something just doesn’t feel right about it–except that I cried before the news flash.

The number has risen again. 9.

I have several charts now before me, so I can’t do them all right now. It’s important to note the pieces coming together in these as they relate to the attack and the upcoming Uranus Rx because these are all relevant.

Germany - Mayhem in Munich

Neither an Eastern nor a Western hemispheric dominance shows in the attack chart, but the 3rd quadrant above-the-horizon emphasis reveals the message in terms of what they were trying to say. While I’m not convinced they were from foreign shores (although I’m not ruling that out either), Jupiter, the chart ruler, sits in the 9th house at the apex of the chart which seems to indicate the possibility of foreign connections. Certainly the words said in Arabic and the behaviors might seem to point to foreign influence.

But I keep getting this nagging memory of history in relation to the Jewish calendar so forgive me for this apparent wandering off the track here. I’ll pick up with the chart in a few paragraphs after this reference I want to share from The Jewish Book of Why by Alfred J. Kolatch (©1981 Alfred J. Kolatch). This notes the Jewish calendar in its present form over 1600 years ago and how the Sanhedrin functioned in Jerusalem until 359 as “the supreme judicial body in Jewish life.” (This will make sense shortly, but please bear with me because it relates to my thinking about the chart and its relationship to these events.) …

“The Calendar Council of the Sanhedrin, headed by its president, Patriarch Hillel II, was concerned with synchronizing the two calendars [Gregorial/Civil/Solar and Jewish/Lunar] for the simple reason that the Jewish holidays were based on the solar cycle and had to be observed at their “appointed times” as specified in the Bible. …

“Exactly how the calendar calculations were arrived at was a closely guarded secret of the Sanhedrin. This was one of the ways in which the Sanhedrin managed to hold onto its power, which it did until the year 359, after which its influence waned and the Jewish community in Babylonia (where the great Babylonian Talmud was being composed) became dominant.

“Up until the year 359 the arrival of the New Moon was announced by the Sanhedrin each month, based on the testimony of two eyewitnesses who appeared before the Sanhedrin and were questioned about the crescent of the New Moon that they reported having observed. If the Sanhedrin was satisfied with the integrity of the witnesses and their testimony, it then checked that testimony against its own (secret) calculations, which had been worked out in advance using mathematical and astrological knowledge. If everything harmonized, the Sanhedrin would send torch signals from mountaintop to mountaintop to notify all communities that the new Moon had officially been sighted. At a later date the Sanhedrin decided to relay the information by messenger rather than by signalling with torches because dissidents such as the Samaritans, who did not accept the authority of the Patriarch and his Sanhedrin, were known to send up false flares in order to confuse the message being transmitted.”

One of the news anchors I heard speaking about the attack on Munich earlier made a comment that struck me as curious. I don’t recall it verbatim but it had that same flavor of imposters who want to blame someone else. Who’s to say that this isn’t the case in Germany? Frankly, there are so many of these groups vying for their edge on this terrorist market, it’s a bit hard to understand who is really doing what and when. Sure it’s possible this is ISIS/ISIL/Daesh again. It’s also possible that it’s an offshoot of Al Qaeda, Jamaat-ul Mujahideen, Jamaat-ul Fuqra, Lashkar-e-Omar, Boko Haram or one of the other multitudes of terrorist and extremist groups in the world–or that it isn’t any of these at all, and the situation is still “as clear as mud.” So rather than declaring it a “yes” that ISIS should be blamed, keep in mind, I haven’t been totally convinced it’s a terrorist attack. It is, however, bizarre. Attack? Yes. Terrorist? Well, that’s the word that “sticks in the craw…”

While 12th house Saturn still forms a tight (1°30′ orb) square to Neptune in the 3rd, activating that painful “Peeling of Life’s Onion,” something else strikes me in this chart: Neptune at 11 Pisces 39 Rx and the IC at 11 Aries 18 complete a 21-minute partile semisextile with a Resonant point falling at 26 Virgo 29 in the 9th house, establishing a 1°31′ opposition to Chiron in the attack chart.

10 dead including the gunman, 10 injured.

In the news updates, they’re now indicating a single shooter who has been killed at the mall. The gunman stated he was born and raised in Germany. According to one source, he had what’s called a high German, south German accent. Authorities are following up on this. Munich authorities are believing the gunman was mentally deranged and are saying the shooter was an 18-year-old German Iranian with dual citizenship and a Bavarian accent. He was not known to police, and his motives were unclear. That dual citizenship explains what I was seeing in my understandings of the chart itself. Jupiter at the apex from the 9th house and ruling the chart just didn’t speak to me of terrorism or anything of the sort. But Saturn in the 12th certainly could address possible mental health issues.

As the news has come in, it does seem to confirm now the likelihood that the gunman was mentally ill and not a terrorist. In fact, this seems to be the focus of the news as a result. One person corrected the understandings about the shooter’s accent, and I think that’s Lt. Gen Mark Hertling, Ret, the CNN Military Analyst I quoted earlier. Anderson Cooper says Iran is primarily Shia Muslim and not usually known for these kinds of attacks. The second site was apparently a false report, and now the reports are saying the shooter committed suicide and not killed by police. Things really seem to be moving along at quite a clip now.

The conversation addresses ISIS/ISIL/Daesh ideology being against suicide next and tends to confirm the shooter’s not being ISIS-inspired or directed much less a terrorist. His mental health is apparently the focus.

For those who would like to explore how the mall shootings fit against the Empire, the Republic and the Unification charts, one by one, I’ve decided to offer these as individual charts on page 2 of this article, but I won’t bother analyzing them individually since I’m using a quad wheel here. The individual charts will also assist in allowing you to see the dynamics more closely.

In order, the following chart shows the Empire in the innermost wheel. That is followed by the Republic chart in the inner middle wheel and then the Unification chart in the outer middle wheel. The mall shootings are shown in the outermost wheel.

Germany - Empire inside, Republic inside middle, unification outer middle, mall attack outside

The Empire’s natal Moon receives a Mars conjunction from the Republic chart with Mars forming a 16-minute partile conjnction to the 7th house cusp (if that’s the actual time). At the same time, the Unification chart forms an approaching conjunction to the Republic’s Sun. But as we go through the chart, we can’t help but see these uncanny contacts between each of the charts–the Republic’s Pluto-Empire’s North Node conjunction; the Unification chart’s Jupiter-Republic’s Neptune 43-minute partile conjunction; the event chart’s Neptune-IC semisextile forming a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile to 26 Virgo 29, which forms a conjunction (1°11 orb) to the Unification chart’s Mercury while the 5 Leo 38 midpoint to the Unification chart’s Sun-Venus conjunction–forms a 3-minute partile conjunction to the Empire’s Mars!

The event chart’s Mars–6th house in the event chart wheel also forms a 1°02′ orb in the square to the Empire’s natal Saturn falling in the 4th house. Take note of the semisextile between the Republic’s Mars and the event’s Mars with the Blooming Undecaquartisextile forming a 5-minute partile conjunction to Mars in the Unification chart and a 46-minute partile conjunction to the Republic’s South Node!

Then see the Republic chart’s Uranus conjunct the Empire chart’s MC while the latter chart’s 2nd house placement forms a 5-minute partile square to Uranus in the chart in which this series of senseless killings took place. Whether or not the economy was stable in the period in which the Empire was established, the values of the Empire may have been somehow in direct contrast to where Germany’s values are today–again referring to today’s moral and ethical environment compared to where they may have been 145 years ago.

Is that enough for someone to have taken steps on his own to act as the gunman did? Perhaps. Reports indicated his having been in a “deranged state.” Was it enough to have caused him to behave as he did in the hours before he killed himself? Whether or not you, dear reader, have noticed what appears to have become a heightened sense of what Robert Wilkinson of Aquarius Papers calls “The Grand Irrationality” in the news, I have:

Consider a local news story I covered late last year–Saturn Goes to Church – The Peeling of Life’s Onion – in Layers and Textures: Part 1–in which the parents of two brothers brutally beat their sons in their church, leaving one dead and the other trying to hang on. Looking back, I’m reminded of the Ten Commandments and the words, “Thou shalt not kill.” And in a house of God no less!

Then think about another local incident I didn’t cover but followed on the news at the time. The perpetrator is apparently on trial now since he deliberately struck and killed a New York State trooper who was standing on the side of the road dealing with the usual kind of trafffic stop. The driver of another vehicle saw him and then simply ran him down. From what local news is saying, the driver is now apologizing and yet one comes away with the feeling that this man may be responding to the “voices in his head.” News cameras have repeatedly caught the man talking in what seem to be erratic ways. Certainly “irrationality” would fit here as well.

The evidence is everywhere we turn, it would seem, but the look at this chart with the Empire’s Uranus also placed in quincunx (150°) to the Republic’s Uranus-MC conjunction seems to indicate the need for an adjustment to be made–at least back then when the Republic was established. Certainly no better key phrase could be found than “expect the unexpected!” Even though the placement of Uranus in the Unification chart falls out of line with the other placements–Empire at 24 Cancer, Republic at nearly 24 Aquarius and yesterday’s event at 24 Aries seems to point to something different having taken place during Unification.

Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

The Unification chart reveals in the tension existing in the late 1980s when US President Ronald Reagan made his now famous speech. The chart reveals the Unification Uranus still very much conjunct the Empire’s Saturn while in an approaching 42-minute partile opposition to the Republic’s Pluto!

Yesterday’s events in Munich brought to mind a few things noted by CNN and other news in print and on the air, including the tearing down of the Berlin Wall following that famous Reagan commanding appeal to Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Communist Party General Secretary of the Soviet Union; the 1972 attack on the Olympics held at Olympia-Einkaufszentrum, and the anniversary of Anders Behring Breivik’s slaughter of innocent people in Oslo in a domestic terrorist attack.

I remember my mother’s tears when my older brother showed her photos of what was apparently a main thoroughfare–a strasse–in Munich, one she had loved in her concert piano studies at the Music Conservatory there. I rarely saw my mother cry, so that image is indelibly impressed in my mind. So are my memories of the wall being torn down and crowds cheering. Those images of now-freed then-East Germans rushing to hold loved ones as they poured across the newly dismantled wall are also indelibly impressed in my mind for their obvious joy.

As I started this article yesterday (I fell asleep writing it after a series of delays occurred), I’d looked for the right music and at first had selected Jupiter since it played such a prominent role in the chart for the attack on Munich. It wasn’t right at all, and I opted instead for Saturn without really knowing why. And of course with the Peeling of Life’s Onion being so prominent in this chart as well as the possibly chaotic ramblings of an 18-year-old’s “deranged” mind as he suddenly fired bullets neither aiming nor attempting to kill anyone at that point, Saturn is clearly what was needed. I hope you’ll agree.

Until next time…

Namaste, I love you,

©2016 Michelle Young