The World Tapestry: Pakistan – Solar Return 2016

Pakistan, as many of my readers know, has had a very rough journey going back at least 9 years to 2007. That’s not to say more wasn’t going on before that, rather it’s when I picked up on the need to start following this nation. Once a part of India, partition took place in August 1947, and the new land began to struggle to develop. In addition to ongoing struggles, the nation had its challenges–for the most part, not unlike India has had.

But where both lands were dealing with skirmishes and battles along the shared borders, Pakistan has also been plagued with “sibling rivalry” and family feuds inside its boundaries. Make no mistake. The story of Pakistan and India is as much a soap opera, replete with family feuds, sibling rivalry and jealousies–the impish child hoping to irritate the older brother/sister–one might see on daytime TV. India’s story is more or less a bit along the same lines; but India has a lot of the drama queen action in their political arena as compared to what is often described in street by street, neighborhood by neighboorhood gang wars in the Western hemisphere.

In Orkut, most of the members of my communities were Indian, Pakistani or Brazilian. Brazil, like the United States, doesn’t have a validated chart, that is, one we know can be used with an actual time of its becoming an independent nation. India and Pakistan do have although most Pakistanis–were you to ask–would say August 14, 1947 was their date of independence as compared to India’s on the 15th of August in the same year. While the scheduled time of independence was set for 24 hours prior to the independence celebrations set to take place in India, Pakistan’s actually took place a bit earlier than the scheduled time:

A friend in Pakistan had directed me to an audio that’s since been removed from online. The time was noted in that recording and was clearly taking place on the 13th of the month, not the 14th. That difference in the time has made a difference in my work on Pakistan’s chart so I’ve stuck with it all of these years. Although another friend over there had questioned my usage and insisted the history books pointed to the August 14 date with midnight as the birth time, at this stage of the game, I’m not changing it. The chart I use works too well for me to ignore.

An article in The Hindu in 2013 and perhaps another in 2014 in Dawn helped to stir interest in the subject of a new article this week in Scroll, each driving home the point made in the African proverb, “Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story.” We see similar problems showing in other nations that used to be one. That said, on to the Solar Return for 2016!

8th house Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius rises in the new Solar Return for Pakistan. Jupiter rules from the 9th house with an even hemispheric split and a third quadrant above-the-horizon dominance. Pakistan’s need for positive interactions will be especially important to keep the storm (yes, I know it’s normally “wolves,” but you’ll see why I said “storm”) at bay, so to speak. While Jupiter is in the 9th house, conjunct Mercury with Venus not far behind, natal Neptune forms a 9-minute partile conjunction to the Midheaven (MC).

This time, a highly unique (at least so far in my studies of this particular aspect pattern, it seems highly unique) series of undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) patterns is established between the natal and the Solar Return charts. The Blooming Undecaquartisextile consists of an aspect pattern in which a semisextile between two bodies or an angle and a body, each forming an undecaquartisextile (UQSXT), 165°, to a third point at the apex of the aspect configuration, regardless of its physical placement in the chart.

Take note of Pakistan’s natal Neptune forming a 9-minute partile conjunction to the SR MC. This becomes even more critical when we see the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile formed between SR Chiron and SR Uranus with the third point falling in the 10th house at 9 Libra 24. The resonant point establishes a 27-minute partile conjunction to the MC, a 36-minute partile conjunction to natal Neptune, and a 1°14′ orb of opposition to the SR Part of Fortune at 10 Aries 38! In this particular chart, the resonant point is also at the chart’s apex because of the partile conjunction to the MC.

Undecaquartisextiles point to areas of energy appearing to heighten at certain times. Resonant (not visible but highly sensitive) points bring out the focus of high energy that appear to be as concentrated as the Blooming Undecaquartisextiles with obvious third points we can see. In other words, whether or not we can actually see the third point in these undecaquartisextile patterns, they are points of higher energy that can tip us off to the areas of the chart that need to be addressed at that period of time.

The first UQSXT pattern I’ve outlined above focuses on the Neptune-MC conjunction in opposition to the Part of Fortune. The second one points to the SR Jupiter-Chiron opposition through the SR Neptune-Part of Fortune semisextile with the third point at 25 Virgo 55, conjunct Jupiter in the 9th house. Here the SR Jupiter-Chiron axis comes into play but the emphasis is on Jupiter. The third, however, turns the focus on the same opposition with SR Chiron taking the dominant position as a result of the semisextile formed by SR Venus and natal Neptune at 23 Pisces 34, forming a 48-minute partile conjunction to SR Chiron! I’ll try to reiterate some of this further on so please bear with me.

Because of so many undecaquartisextile patterns, it took me a bit to sort out. I believe, however, these points of emphasis bring out the following matters demanding attention over the coming year. Now here is where I’ll bring in a mention of the mutable T-square formed by the SR Venus-Neptune opposition to the Sagittarius 12th house arm at the Moon-Mars-Saturn placements and the Peeling of Life’s Onion (Saturn-Neptune hard aspects).

Please keep in mind, my not mentioning this mutable T-square doesn’t mean this aspect is unimportant. Quite the contrary, it’s very important, just as important as any other component in a chart. I am focused as well on the presence of bodies in each of the terminal houses, what I call the 4/8/12 complex of houses. These point to some of the story I’m seeing in these charts.

Beginning with the September 24th Lunar Return (I’m not going to raise them at this time because I’ve been looking at 5 months’ worth.), I wanted to focus on SR progression timings to compare with the progressions John Davenport was using. The period from late September’s Lunar Return through the Lunar Return of January 11, 2017 points to the first of what appears to be a series of rising tensions with the first most likely to hit sometime during the week of October 15 through the 21st. This is one of those times when there’s just so much going on, I don’t dare pinpoint it more closely. I see reason to point to the 21st, but the 15th, 17th and 19th also look critically important.

The 12th house rises in the October Lunar Return chart with the Uranus-Chiron semisextile culminating at 8 Libra 48.5 as the third point in a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile, forming a 1-minute partile conjunction to natal Neptune! At the same time, however, this point also forms a conjunction to Jupiter. John sees nearly identical aspects showing up in the progressions with which he works, causing–perhaps needless to say–quite a stir in our conversation about this particular series of charts.

Whether this is a lead in to what appears to be taking place on the 21st, I can’t be sure yet; but I do believe this spells major trouble for Pakistan. That 4/8/12 house complex with bodies in each of these houses also make me wonder whether this indicates–as I fear it does–yet one more tragedy that will leave Pakistan in mourning.

To my readers in Pakistan, please know I wish I weren’t seeing these things in the Solar Return chart, but these Lunar Returns are also pointing to the likelihood of a major event that will cause deaths. I will add here, however, that I have another concern in mind–the possibility of flooding again.

On the other hand, we can’t rule out the anger on people’s faces at the likelihood of more corruption taking the spotlight once more too. Those are my thoughts in terms of the events appearing to be quite likely to take place during these months. Please be aware of your surroundings and be safe. You know the dangers often lurking there, and this is no time to mince words. Consider your experiences to date with religious extremist factions inside and outside your borders at this time. This is one of the cautions to which I’d been alluding in the last year.

I searched for the Blooming Undecaquartisextiles or any resonant points to those and found some intriguing patterns. In the SR, the Venus-MC 37-minute partile semisextile points to a 43-minute partile conjunction to Chiron (with Chiron in 8-minute partile to the 3rd point of the Blooming Undecaquartisextile forming a 35-minute partile opposition to Jupiter) as the third point in the Blooming Undecaquartisextile. Chiron also forms a 4-minute partile semisextile to Uranus, as we’ve been seeing lately, and this time the third point forms a 27-minute partile conjunction to the MC as I noted earlier.

Following that period in October, a second series of weeks concern me from mid-November through and including the January Lunar Return. The natal Pluto semisextile to the Moon in the November Lunar Return targets the 3rd point in the Blooming Undecaquartisextile at 27 Capricorn 38, establishing a 1°14′ conjunction to the natal Midheaven! On December 22, SR Pluto progresses to the MC, and a Cardinal Grand Cross will be activated on the angles. I hope to study this second series before the end of September, but please bear with me. That will be about a seven-week period I’m considering from mid-November through the January Lunar Return. I’ve delayed posting this article long enough and need to post it already.

In November, the 5th house will be rising, but the Western 2nd quadrant below-the-horizon dominance doesn’t look good. In fact, what concerns me is the likelihood of events happening at this time to the people and the land rather than being caused by them. The 4th house Saturn-Pluto semisextile in the Lunar Return forms a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile to its third point in the 10th house at 00 Cancer 55. This appears to indicate more trouble at this time. John’s progressions confirm these same positions.

Now the entire year won’t be all about a series of dramas. But I’m concerned about more massive flooding and lives lost, continuing corruption that needs to be eradicated, and the promise of accurate history books in which the real histories of Pakistan and India will be offered to students. The books will offer the opportunity to avoid stereotyping about India (and vice versa) when students begin to learn the history of partition. Of course if both nations can achieve such a goal, it promises future peace between both lands.

As always, I’ll close with more thoughts and sounds. This one moved me, as many do. I hope you find it worth watching.

Until next time…

Namaste, I love you


©2016 Michelle Young