The World Tapestry: Play Ball! Up Close and Local–and International!

Baseball has been pretty popular in this part of upstate New York. Two of my uncles, nicknamed Spider and Little Spider, played semi-pro ball, and the last thing my father did on the day he died was attend a ballgame of the Triplets, the farm team for one of the big leagues. If you were born and raised here, you also know about Cooperstown, about an hour or so away, home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum–and Doubleday Field, where baseball was born. They even have an All Star Village, where pros, coaches and kids go during the summer for various events.

From very early on, children throughout the region learn to play baseball , and many of them go on to PeeWee sports teams and Little League, high school baseball, and college or university ball before some get drafted for the big leagues–and very handsome salaries!
Today, one of the local Little League baseball teams–Maine-Endwell–became the United States champions in the World Series, which they’ll play today (Sunday, August 28, 2016) against South Korea. While I normally don’t watch much by way of sports because I don’t understand the games (I have actually learned more about cricket in the last 7 years or so than I have learned about basketball my entire life.), I do know and like tennis (which everyone knows about me), baseball and bowling, although I’d almost never watch the latter. (Okay, so I’m not that enamored with bowling: While my father had apparently been a champion bowler, I had a nickname of “Gutterball Annie.” Pretty humiliating!)

Anyway, back to baseball. It’s something of a national obsession the way that soccer is in many other nations. (Soccer, btw, is gaining appeal in this country now too.) For now, let’s talk baseball since this isn’t about me or even the pros. It’s about a hometown Little League team winning the United States championship and vying for the World Series title today! I grabbed the moment of the win and created the chart for a quick look.

Michael Mancini leads Endwell, New York to Little League title game with 4-2 win over Tennessee

M-E US Champs - NY Daily News copyright littleleague28s-2-web

                                                                         M-E US Champs – ©2016 New York Daily News

For those who don’t know, Little League baseball teams are made up of (I hope I’m right on the ages here) kids from about the age of 11 or 12 until they’re about 13 or 14. Jude Abbadessa and Michael Mancini both had birthdays this month, but ESPN apparently misreported one of their ages. As a result, I’ve removed reference to their ages altogether. Neither boy looks as old as ESPN had indicated. Talk about amazing pitching, Michael just held command over that pitcher’s mound yesterday (Saturday, August 27) and Tennessee couldn’t make a single home run under that command!

That’s not to put down Jude who pitched 1 run and 1 homer that simultaneously came in, making the final score 4-2. ESPN was exceptionally impressed with Mancini, however, for his having had such control over the pitches all the way to his curve ball that one of the announcers said he’s never seen in Little League and rarely even in the pros. There was just no way any batter would have stood a chance against Mancini today, said the annoucner. (Yes, I plan to see if I can get Mancini’s and Abbadessa’s charts. Surely they will be worth a look–or two!)

M-E US Championship win

Please note, I took the time of the actual win for the championship chart. While the Eastern and Western hemispheres were evenly split, pointing to the abilities of both teams to hold their own, some days, you just can’t have it all. Some of the players on the Tennessee team showed clear indications that they knew more than a little about the game, so I have to send kudos to their efforts too.

The Chiron-Uranus semisextile forms another–as it’s been doing for a while now–Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile to the 9th house at 8 Libra 58. Curiously, however, the resonant point forms another semisextile with Juno at 8 Scorpio 42 and the subsequent 3rd point at 23 Aries 05, establishing a conjunction to Uranus. Because of the tight range between this pair of Blooming Undecaquartisextiles, the same semisextile points come up in the calculations, creating a continuous loop in the aspect patterns.

On first observation, I suppose the third-ninth house repetition might indicate the strength of the winning team, Maine-Endwell, over Tennessee, the team traveling the farther distance. But this part of my observations is still an ongoing process. As I said, I’ve never noticed the undecaquartisextile patterns in an ongoing continuous loop before. How that plays out will take time to see. Perhaps the two teams will meet again at some point and the same kind of setting–the championships–will be in play again. One thing is for sure though: Yesterday’s game appeared to leave Tennessee stunned to say the least–but then even some folks here in the local area were surprised (and delighted, of course) to see Maine-Endwell take the title in well-deserved game play.

Btw, the last time a local Little League made it to the championships, the year was 1964! Hopefully you can see then what made this win so special indeed!

Who do I think will win today? I’m not even going to hazard a guess on it. I would if I had the team charts (for all teams involved, that is), but wishes will never be a sure thing. I’ll offer the chart. Let’s see how it goes! To the Maine-Endwell Little League team as I close this on the day of the championship finals for the World Series, good luck! You have the entire county, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and even President Barack Obama praying for you! You’re truly amazing! Congratulations!

For now, the chart for the opening pitch at the final game, set at 3:00:00 PM for those who want to toy with it. It’s bound to be exciting! South Korea looked like they were pretty amazing too.

M-E World Series Title game starting time

I do think it will be a tough game. Their players do incredible things to get the ball when it’s whizzing through the air. A Western dominance in the chart with an above the horizon emphasis again shows it’s highly likely to be a game filled with much excitement and sizzle, to say the least. This time, Chiron, Neptune, Transpluto, the Sun, the Nodes, and Jupiter still tightly conjunct Venus and Mercury are all intercepted, and the Mars/Saturn conjunction sits in the 12th house with Mars close enough to the Ascendant for the pair to be considered conjunct that too. Hopefully the 4th house placement of Uranus doesn’t mean an accident during the game. I’m trusting it won’t.

Like I said at the start, normally I don’t watch baseball games very often. But you can bet that my eyes today will be on ESPN for this game. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Until next time (with the 2016 Solar Return for India in progress)…

Namaste, I love you,

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