The World Tapestry: The Brexit Dilemma. What Next? – Part 1 of 2

When I first began to consider looking at Solar Returns for India and Pakistan, I wondered whether I was being fair to myself as an astrologer. I didn’t even have their histories and was going solely based on what I was seeing of these nations through their natal and subsequent Solar and Lunar Return charts. But as events seemed to play out from these forecasts in the months and years that followed, I became less afraid of this effort. These experiences led to my decision to move forward with a view to the UK and the Brexit vote.

George Cuitt the Younger (British, 1779 - 1854 ), Easby Abbey, near Richmond, c. 1821/1854, oil on canvas, Gift of Miss Harriet Winslow

George Cuitt the Younger (British, 1779 – 1854 ), Easby Abbey, near Richmond, c. 1821/1854, oil on canvas, Gift of Miss Harriet Winslow

With especial thanks to my colleague John Davenport who explained the need for me to use the 1922 chart and not the 1801 chart I’ve used at times. It’s important to note the sequence of charts dating back to the 973 crowning of Edgar, representing the chart of British sovereignty and the Royal Family, and the 1066 crowning of William which shaped the British character. The 1801 chart, revealing the Pluto return from 1066, offers the UK’s relationship to the world via foreign policy and British politics in contrast to what might be seen as the UK’s heartbeat in the 1922 chart. With John’s guidance, I used the 1922 chart. He showed me the progressions as they pointed with uncanny timing to the moment; but we each work with different techniques and appreciate the other’s subsequent validation of our individual styles.

The 6th house rises in the 2015 Solar Return chart for the UK, bringing a strong Eastern, below-the-horizon dominance with a first and second quadrant split emphasis. But even before I dive in further, I can’t help but notice the Nodal return in this chart as well! It was exact on the 23rd of December which would have shown in the Lunar Return; but for this chart’s purpose, the Solar Return progressed Midheaven (MC) at that time would have placed Neptune 1°08′ from the IC, clearly reflected in the following news items and the Peeling of Life’s Onion–the Saturn-Neptune square–pointing to these kinds of activities taking place.

Afghan troops rushed to area under Taliban attack

By HUMAYOON BABUR Dec. 23, 2015 6:11 PM EST

“Britain has sent a small contingent of soldiers to Helmand as advisers under the new NATO mandate to train the Afghan forces. The return of British troops is poignant, as they suffered more than 100 of their 456 fatalities during Britain’s 13-year Afghanistan combat mission in Sangin.”

Pluto was just slightly beyond a partile degree of a perfected square to natal Chiron in the fifth which seems to have been indicated in the following article about the British Muslim family visiting Disneyland. Take note that Disneyland falls in the realm of the 5th house while pointing to completely unexpected developments with Uranus—still within orb to Pluto–placed there.

U.S. Authorities Bar British Muslim Family from Visiting Disneyland

DECEMBER 23, 2015

In Britain, U.S. authorities have sparked outrage by barring a British Muslim family headed to Disneyland for vacation from boarding their flight to Los Angeles. The family of 11 had already been granted travel authorization. Family members say they were given no explanation for why they were turned away from the plane at London’s Gatwick Airport. The airline says they will not be refunded the more than $13,000 cost of their flights. Another British Muslim traveler, imam and lecturer, Ajmal Mansoor, was also turned away from his U.S.-bound flight two days later.

UK economy weaker than expected – as it happened

Analysts believe growth figures of 0.4% mean no interest rate rise until well into 2016.
UK 1922 - 6th house rising in SR inside, natal outside

A Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) forms from the 27-minute partile semisextile of the 2nd house Sun to the Ascendant, culminating at 29 Taurus 32 in the 7th house, bringing to mind the energy we’ve watched evolving since the start of this Solar Return. By progression to the time of the Brexit vote, natal Saturn forms a conjunction to the Midheaven. But with SR Mars conjunct Saturn as well, even if one normally would not consider this a conjunction, it must be seen as such here with Saturn serving as a bridge. I normally don’t see a quincunx as that significant in the Solar Return, but SR Chiron forms a 52-minute partile quincunx to the progressed SR Midheaven.

Solar Returns as they are, are temporary, generally lasting roughly a year before we move on to the next Solar Return. While this chart shows the Nodal Return which certainly has massive, over-reaching proportions, we get a bit of focus in considering the Sabian Symbol at Scorpio 15 since this is the Ascending degree offered by the 2015 Solar Return. Lynda Hill has generously allowed me to reference her 360 DEGREES OF WISDOM: THE SABIAN ORACLE (©Lynda Hill 2004) as I need to. At times, I do so with personally delighted abandon. At other times, I rephrase as needed. In this case, her words weave the story with a hint of her having tapped into the British mind at the time of the unofficial announcement of the voting results: As always, her copyright remains intact whether I use entire or partial quotes from the book.


Commentary: ‘Children Playing Around Five Mounds of Sand’ shows ‘Children’ playing, enjoying themselves and each other in a safe, natural setting. The ‘Five Mounds’ often represents the pentacle, or pentagram. A pentacle is a five-pointed star, often held to have magical or mystical significance. It is a symbol often associated with and used in Wicca and pagan rites. The ‘Sand’ is symbolic of impermanence; it can disperse over time, leaving only a passing impression. The ‘Children’ symbolize innocence and, in this case, almost a lack of awareness of the more serious or crucial factors in their lives. Here the ‘Children Play’ in and around the pentacle with little consideration of whether there may be some other deeper or ritualistic purpose.

Oracle: You may feel that you have the potential for greater things, but don’t understand what they are. Development takes time and it is the first experience of ‘Playing’ with latent talent that leads to greater knowledge. You will be able to fulfill your potential, but maybe you need to start at the beginning. … Interacting with others brings our “humanness” to life. It will be necessary to be conscious of their needs, as some may get ‘lost’ in this situation, losing sight of the others as they disappear behind the ‘Mounds of Sand’.

Keywords: Creative integration of new ideals. Five being the number of mankind.  … Throwing caution to the wind. … Shifting sands. … “

The Ascendant semisextile to the Sun points to SAGITTARIUS 15 – THE GROUND HOG LOOKING FOR ITS SHADOW ON GROUND HOG DAY in which Lynda notes in her “Commentary: ‘The Ground Hog Looking For its Shadow on Ground Hog Day’, by its reactions and movements, provides clues as to whether winter would continue or spring will come with its warmth and rewards. As ‘Ground Hog Day’ is in February in the northern hemisphere, it symbolizes a time of cold, snow and the stiff breezes of winter. Although more fable than real, the ‘Ground Hog’ is said to be able to sense whether there’s a change in the air. If he feels spring approaching, he gives a sign so others may know and anticipate it themselves. The ‘Ground Hog’ is somewhat of a “star” on ‘Ground Hog Day’, as people are watching him, wondering what he will signal. There is a lot of projection happening here as the animal is not consciously doing anything.

Oracle: You may need some sign to give you insight into the future. The solution to your question is close by and easy to perceive. It is based in your normal environment and relationships. Don’t focus on things continuing to be hard or difficult, as this can lead to it actually happening. Don’t read too much into things, as they may not be as they seem.

Keywords: … Seeing society as being to blame. People having a good look at how they seem to others. Wondering how others perceive you and picture you. … Predictions. Prognosticating. Welcoming an early spring. …

The Caution: Being scared to act without some message of confirmation. People (or society) looking for someone else to blame for conditions. Relying on the same solutions without consideration of changes. …”

She adds a perfect pair of quotes in the sidebar. “The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out” – Thomas B. Macaulay – and another by Herman Hesse: “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.

This particular placement, however, can be quite telling in terms of what was coming next especially since SR Mars, conjunct Chiron’s antiscion (1°24′ orb), acted like a conjunction to Chiron’s sizzling action by the time the progression occurred during Brexit. I doubt anyone could refute Brexit’s having been an historic moment. This single event has held the world in a totally riveted point of shock as the markets alone have scrambled to get back up since the vote.

Ironically, if the Ascendant were a viable point in a yod (It’s never considered as such: Yods must use actual planets or luminaries.), the sextile between the Sun and Mars would have formed a partile yod to the Ascendant. In this case, an adjustment from that perspective of the yod if there were one in place with the Ascendant wouldn’t have made the same kind of dynamic impact that Brexit did.

Felix Salmon of Fusion is obviously furious and makes no bones about it. Although he was born in London and holds a British passport, his June 24 column closes with an unsuspecting eye toward the Resonant Undecaquartisextile, “The arc of the moral universe might bend towards justice, but it gets there in a very, very messy way. And after taking many steps forward, the world has now taken a giant step back.” Investment advisor Mike “Mish” Shedlock of Mishtalk seemed to agree–more or less–although he blamed Angela Merkel and flatly stated she should simply resign.

As I developed this article, however, EU commissioner Lord Hill announced his decision to resign, saying “what is done cannot be undone.” Lord Ashcroft with impeccable phrasing deftly put the onus on Nigel Farage without castigation or approval.

Lord Ashcroft tweet

And as the pound sterling plummeted to a new more than three-decade low, Joe Macaré of Truthout asked, “Who Should We Blame for Brexit — and Where Do We Go From Here?” He urges opponents of “white supremacist nativism, imperialistic nationalism and violent xenophobia on both sides of the Atlantic…to move quickly, boldly and resolutely to protect people” from being denigrated by a right wing that could threaten the future.

The Undecaquartisextile patterns bring the angles into play, performing a critical role in highlighting sensitivity points that can’t be ignored. Some, myself included, will remember the 29th degree of Taurus as a point related to the Pleiades. In the 1981 edition of The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Marion D. March and Joan McEvers wrote, “Another rather dire sounding Fixed Star is the Pleiades (also known a the Weeping Sisters) at 29°Taurus 36. We know quite a few people who have planets on this degree, yet none of them have been involved with ‘violence, blindness, or accidents’ as the keywords portend, but we have noticed that many of them cry at the drop of a hat!”

Here’s where Lynda’s Sabian Symbol for TAURUS 30 comes into play. The title, while a bit off putting for me, fits like we hope gloves would fit, snugly, not showing any gaps:


Commentary: ‘A Peacock’ is ‘Parading’, showing off his fine feathers and beauty. Peacocks were often installed in regal palaces as a show of opulence or extravagance. This ‘Peacock’ is ‘Parading on the Terrace of an Old Castle’ which shows that he is in a place that has all of the trappings of wealth and tradition. The situation is probably well established, but as it is ‘Old’, it is probably also slowly breaking apart and showing signs of crumbling. ‘Peacocks’ can be a reminder of the “grand old days”. They are very territorial and will remain in a place long after the people have gone.

Oracle: In this situation there is a need to maintain your grace and pride whilst also maintaining a sense of being the center of attention. Polite behavior and the correct presentation of form are of vital importance and pride in one’s inheritance is to be admired, but not overdone. Too much pride, and elitism, can lead to a feeling of being alone and the roof collapsing in on what was possibly once a magnificent empire. Remember: pride comes before a fall. You may have to accept that your situation or location may one day change, even if you fear that much will be lost.

Keywords: Tradition feeding ego-centered attraction…. Empires that require protection. Issues of belonging and being allowed in. Prominent families. Inherited values. Castles and rambling estates.

The Caution: Risking integrity to display success. Strutting one’s stuff. Inviting envy from others. Believing that one is all things to many people. Overloading others. Showing off and demanding acknowledgment. Trying to convince others of something. …”

One might wonder where the Pleiades tears come into play with Brexit; but aside from those who cried over their vote being nullified by those that won, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg lost a combined total of around US$3 billion dollars as compared to average citizens with IRA accounts losing an average of US$3112. What occurred seems to be causing a bit of a ripple effect among several other nations now in the midst of wondering whether they too should stay or go.

Here in the United States, MSNBC, CNN, the BBC, the Washington Post and the New York Times are reporting on voters having second thoughts about their “leave” votes with some stating they really didn’t understand the impact of such a vote. With Northern Ireland and Scotland now apparently entertaining thoughts of referendums and perhaps deciding to separate from the broader UK electorate, the question may now come up that the nation will see a surge of interest in independence. It would seem as well that we may not be done with the Brexit situation especially with a petition now being circulated.  Three million have already signed it. As a result, I’m not looking as much at the Brexit vote beyond this as I am to the future. What will the new 2016 Solar Return hold for the UK is the question.

Thankfully small portions of the news are needing our attention related to more human issues like life and death. 26 including a preschooler have lost their lives as of the last 24 hours in massive floods sweeping through West Virginia with potentially more lives hanging in the balance. In Mogadishu, another hotel attack has taken place.

The final minutes of Taurus also don’t escape my thought that Gemini follows, and with it, about a month would pass before we’re looking at the talking to begin. Despite how it looks, I am wondering whether this petition now on the table will have enough bite to call for another vote. How would that play out for David Cameron? I’ll try to have a look at his Solar Return before too long. In the meantime, voters are demanding answers from Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and others who have been quick to utter the words, “Not my fault!” while passing the buck not only to British politicians but even to US and European politicos. I’m not sure it matters who is to blame. It’s done. Now the question is, “What will they do about it?”

Enter part 2 of The World Tapestry: The Brexit Dilemma. What Next?

©2016 Michelle Young