The World Tapestry: The Brexit Dilemma. What Next? – Part 2 of 2

Part 1

Lake Albano, 1762, by Richard Wilson

                                                                                         Lake Albano, 1762, by Richard Wilson

The 9th house rises in the 2016 Solar Return with a singleton Jupiter. The Eastern 4th quadrant above the horizon dominance points to the the UKs response to an evidently watching and waiting world. My immediate reaction lies in seeing Aquarius on the Ascendant with the traditional ruler Saturn from the natal chart showing in the 8th house in opposition to Solar Return modern ruler Uranus in the 2nd. But perhaps most curious of all lies in Solar Return 8th house Jupiter’s one-minute partile conjunction to natal Saturn.
SR 2016 interceptions of TransPluto conj 7th house and Moon opp in 1I found natal Venus in the 9th especially interesting in this chart since SR Venus was also in the 9th when placed outside the natal chart after I first created the bi-wheel. With the intercepted Pisces Moon-Neptune 1st house conjunction, I don’t expect this to be a fast resolution at all even though the Eastern hemisphere implies much effort and energy might be taking place in the effort to resolve this issue. The question is–given that we’re considering the dynamics of the chart itself–whether or not we’re looking at a disintegration of the bonds between Northern Ireland and Scotland in relation to the rest of the United Kingdom. The chart points to what John Davenport noted as “when Ireland was effectively given Independence, but a letter from the 6 Northern states requested to stay a part of the United Kingdom. Since that time, we have been known as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

Since the vote, much of the media–at least what I’ve seen of the headlines and television news coverage–has referred to Brexit as a “nasty divorce.” In her book Persephone is Transpluto: The Scientific, Mythological & Astrological Discovery of the Planet Beyond Pluto, Valerie Vaughan (©1994, One Reed Publications) says, “A main feature of Persephone’s story is the constant cycling of separation and reunion. She separates from the earth plane and her mother in order to unify with Pluto. When she returns to her mother again, she is also separating from her partner and her ‘other’ home. It is a simultaneous separation-reunion. We see this reflected in today’s high divorce rates and legal hassles over child custody, the millions of single mothers, the current transformation in partnering and parenting, the revitalized interest in mother-daughter relationships…”

Further on, she says, “Persephone’s story includes the wandering of a mother in search for her daughter. This, along with the wandering of Persephone herself (from her earthly home to her subterranean one and back again), is highlighted today by the plight of the “homeless” and massive populations of refugees. It is also symbolic of the fact that more people than ever before in history are migrating to new homelands and from rural areas to cities.” [Her footnote: “From the Associated Press (July 6, 1993): The State of World Population report by the United Nations Population Fund states that the unprecedented growth in migration ‘could become the human crisis of our age.’ People are moving from rural areas to cities on a scale unknown in history, with more than 100 million migrants leaving their homes and pushing into territories occupied by others.”]

Transpluto in the unofficial vote tally chart was angular and in the 4th house in opposition to the 1922 chart’s natal Mars-MC conjunction.

TransPluto at IC inside, Mars-MC conjunction in 1922 outside

In the 2015 SR, Transpluto formed a 24-minute partile conjunction to the MC.

UK 1922 - 6th house rising in SR inside, natal outside

The 2016 SR shows Transpluto intercepted in the 7th house, opposing the intercepted Moon in the 1st. Take note as well since I’ve been working with the 1922 chart, this chart also reveals a 38-minute partile conjunction of Transpluto and the Moon.(Repeating the chart here to allow you to continue to move forward rather than having to scroll up again.)

SR 2016 interceptions of TransPluto conj 7th house and Moon opp in 1

Solar Return Neptune forms a 30-minute approaching partile conjunction to the natal placement of Uranus in this SR, setting the stage for the Peeling of Life’s Onion–transiting Saturn-Neptune square (it wouldn’t be square by now were the Sun not conjunct and creating the bridge to extend the aspect longer than many might have anticipated).

The February 8, 2017 Lunar Return sets the stage for a receptive Western 2nd quadrant below the horizon dominance. Even in divorce, there must be compromise if there is ever a hope of peace. Many decisions will be made from now through the 2016 Solar Return and the February 2017 Lunar Return. But where the Solar Return will generally show the action coming from the UK in terms of decisions and generating the energy, by February 2017, the action should be coming at the UK, and it’s possible the government–or the voters–will be weighing their options once again.

Feb 2017 LR inside, natal outside

Jupiter shifts to apparent Retrograde motion on the 6th of February, and those with decision making ability will need to be careful not to give away the store in the midst of making those compromises. It may not be easy since Jupiter’s Retrograde will be forming a 5-minute partile square to the 1922 chart’s Moon, but it will be important to do. The wish to make it all better and perhaps have the problems just disappear may lead those with the hunger to make careless mistakes in showing their hands. It will be an important time of conciliation, reconciliation, and cooperation in February 2017. While the vote has been cast, the fat lady hasn’t sung just yet. There is time to repair the damage if that’s really what is wanted. It seems like the wrong choices could do far more than anyone originally had counted on–or expected.

There needs to be a full spirit of compromise at this time. Much pain will have been inflicted on both sies of the conversation of Remain or Leave. Voters in the UK may find themselves deciding at this time whether to forgive those who misled them, or to dig their heels in and remain angry. But ultimately, anger does more to hurt us individually than collectively. The wheels were set in motion this week, and now several nations are having another look at their own choices. The question may well be whether or not the EU will survive. For that matter, the initial question still needs to be asked–and answered: Will Northern Ireland and Scotland remain with the UK? If it doesn’t, if they don’t, we may be looking at picking up splinters everywhere we turn.

It’s a year of choosing carefully and wisely, soothing and smoothing ruffled feathers, and realizing until the final agreement is made to leave, there’s still a chance it can be saved.

One last question, of course: What will you do if you’re in the UK?

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