Time to Wake Up! CIA Bucks Fed Al Qaeda’s Money Jar!

A stunning revelation made a New York Times news alert today that the CIA had a secret stash that was used in freeing a kidnapped Afghani diplomat in 2010 to the tune of US$5 million.

New York Times:  C.I.A. Funds Found Their Way Into Al Qaeda Coffers

In June of that year, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman wrote to Osama bin Laden “God blessed us with a good amount of money this month” and indicated the funds would be allocated to various needs including weapons. Bin Laden suggested the possibility that the funds might have been “laced…with radiation or poison” or could perhaps be tracked. Al-Rahman was killed in August 2011 in Pakistan.

The New York Times points to “another in a long list of examples of how the United States, largely because of poor oversight and loose financial controls, has sometimes” mistakenly sent funds like these to groups belonging to the opposition. Some of the moneys were apparently also used to buy the loyalty of corrupt individuals in Afghanistan. The article elaborates to a great extent as a result of evidence used in convicting a Pakistani operative this month in Brooklyn, New York.

Just as a random thing, I decided to have a look at the 26th of June 2010 since the Sun had already progressed into Cancer. I had first looked at the 15th; but because of today’s shift of Saturn from direct to retrograde motion, it seemed like the latter date might show more relevance to current and past events. I also used a random time of 9:14 pm EDT for Washington, DC, which would have served as a morning chart for Afghanistan, wherever the funds were exchanged. It was simply a random thought, and it seems too potentially on point for me to ignore. This does not mean I hold the time or the date to an accurate standard, but simply that it bears noting.

On April 23, 2006, I had developed a lengthy analysis of Pluto’s ingress to Capricorn, and that has remained a strong focus for me through the years. With that in mind, I also have paid close attention to my belief all these years that government and corporate mishandling and corruption would become quite evident as Pluto continued its transits through Capricorn. Pluto’s travels haven’t indicated otherwise to me.

US - June 26, 2010 Transits
Looking at the transit chart then for the 26th of June 2010, we see an even balance between the Eastern and Western hemispheres and above- and below-the-horizon. The quadrant focus, however, falls in both the 1st and the 3rd quadrants, which brings to mind the timing as a means of Self (the CIA, perhaps, or the broader perspective of the United States government since you’ll note that the chart is set for the nation’s capital in the District of Columbia) in the first quadrant and long-term relationships with others in the third quadrant.

While Venus in Leo falls in the 7th house of this chart, 12th house transiting Pluto Rx in Capricorn still conjunct the Moon–the latter of which was making a stunning 3-minute partile conjunction to the North Node–in opposition to the Sun-Mercury conjunction in the 6th house in square to a 2nd house Uranus-Jupiter conjunction. But don’t make the mistake of seeing this as a Cardinal T-square. That Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Aries is opposing intercepted Saturn in the 8th house, forming a Grand Cross with an out-of-sign additional angle from Saturn in Virgo! Even now, as the weekend closes in on the perfected Uranus-Pluto square on Tuesday morning, the 17th of March at 1:02:30 am EDT, the trigger will take place tomorrow, on the Ides of March sometime before 6 am EDT.

I find it especially remarkable that the time I’ve used for this chart–again random since I had been playing with the idea of office hours here in the USA, and it suddenly hit me to look at the PM hour instead and how I ended up using this time–is correlating to a 22-minute partile conjunction of Tuesday’s placement of Pluto in the perfected Uranus-Pluto square. They say there are no coincidences…

There was obviously deceit taking place at the time the funds changed hands from the CIA to whomever received the money, and that certainly is evident when we note the Neptune retrograde in a 4-minute partile quincunx to Saturn as well as Chiron’s having made ingress to Pisces in April 2010. You’ll note that Chiron is intercepted in this chart, as are both Mars and Saturn in the 8th–and both 7th house Venus and 8th house Mars are making quindecile aspects to Neptune!

US - CIA Bucks went to Al QaedaAt the time of the news alert being posted to my email, the chart’s emphasis moved to a clear 4th quadrant above-the-horizon dominance but still no Eastern or Western focus. I’d have to give it, however, to the East since the 4th quadrant is so strong in this chart.

Note the Moon now in the 6th house but well within orb of the conjunction to the 7th, and therefore, it’s considered in the 7th, conjunct Pluto in the 7th. Pluto by now has attained 1-minute partile conjunction to where it will be on Tuesday morning during the perfected square. Uranus–conjunct Mars–is in the 10th, but now watch the nodes, the Northern node falling in the 4th house in a 20-minute partile square to the horizon!

Saturn, meanwhile, in square to the 9th house Mercury-Neptune conjunction, has just moved to Retrograde position this morning at 11:40:09 EDT. The aspect in this position clearly points to the deceit from that period in 2010. Jupiter again is in the 2nd house, as it was at the time of the money exchange, but this time, Jupiter sits in quindecile to Mercury. With Jupiter in light-shedding Leo, I can’t help but think of the light being shined on that deception about now. Such a placement reminds us of the need for the United States to reconsider how the channels of unallocated funds through secret stashes like the CIA has are actually being used. This quindecile points to a potential for martyrdom. In this case, it would seem that the USA is the martyr from the attention it is going to receive in this latest news. Time to change course!

US - CIA News Alert inside, 2010 Transits outsideThe dynamics of the comparative charts–today’s news alert on the inside and the 2010 transiting chart I used on the outside–are simply uncanny! Note the angles of the CIA chart inside as they conjunct the 2010 transiting chart’s Moon at the 7th house cusp while today’s Moon is once again conjunct the 2010 position of Pluto in opposition to the Sun and Mercury in the 12th with emphasis on the Sun.

Meanwhile, transiting Pluto conjuncts the Ascendant of the 2010 chart while Venus (2010) conjuncts Jupiter in the CIA chart inside. Also remarkably, transiting Venus today is making a quincunx to the 2010 Saturn, creating a yod with 2010 Neptune in sextile to today’s Venus, seeming to imply a need to adjust and stop taking shortcuts. The 2010 Saturn makes a quindecile to the midpoint of Uranus and Mars in the CIA chart, and the powers that be need to be more aware of what’s going on and to take strong steps in improving the actions of all personnel–from Washington to whatever global spot in the world is needing their attention. Now would be the time to clean house and to implement measures that more of these kinds of fiascos no longer occur.

I know no nation and no government is perfect, but wow, Washington: What a lesson to learn!

©2015 Michelle Young