Tragedy in Texas Today

The headline was clear enough, but I didn’t see enough to know what was happening there. I only remembered the last time I heard about shootings on a military base in Texas. It was in 2009. So while I don’t always write this brief of an article especially in what’s still considered an active situation, I confess: The curiosity bug got to me.
Active Shooter Situation At Lackland Air Force Base, Texas – At Least 2 Dead
curious catPlease understand, my use of the graphics and video I’ve chosen isn’t meant to do anything more than lighten the intensity of the news as it’s been coming in. The news includes several arrests in Belgium today related to the attacks in Brussels. Meanwhile, an active shooter situation at Lackland Air Force Base has also hit the news. The time noted in the chart is when the first reports appear to have been coming in according to reports from the base on CNBC News. With at least two dead, I wanted a look.
TX - Active Shooter Situation

Take note of Mars in the 7th house in its approaching conjunction to Saturn on the 8th house cusp in square to Jupiter in the 5th house while Neptune in the 11th completes the mutable T-square. It might be tempting to point fingers at the last Texas live military base shootings at Fort Hood in Killeen, but this doesn’t seem to be the case especially with just 2 victims so far. Hopefully that’s all. Jupiter in the fifth and 4 planetary bodies in the 12th–Sun-Uranus tightly conjunct in Aries and Mercury and the Moon in a 4-minute partile conjunction just leads me to believe this could be a crime of passion. Both the lights in the 12th–in Mars- and Venus-ruled signs seems to smack of that.

The chart shows an Eastern, 4th quadrant above-the-horizon dominance, which tends to indicate this is a lone shooter situation. A single Blooming Undecaquartisextile from the semisextiles of 11th house Venus and 12th house Moon (not to mention Mercury, mind you!) to the Vertex seems to point to a “fated’ situation. Could this be a love-gone-wrong? The 5th and 7th houses are involved in this chart, which could imply this is the case.
curiosity bugThe news is still coming out, and we’ll need to see what the full story is. In the meantime, since the news is still hot, I’m posting it. Tragedy in Texas today. A sad note on an already busy day. (This is a record for me, isn’t it? I just noticed the quick view of the chart didn’t even reach 500 words! Still, in the course of any day’s news, even the small stories like this one deserve some kind of punctuation in our daily lives from time to time…)

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