US Ambassador Mark Lippert attacked in Seoul

Please note: In 2015, long after I wrote this article, my understandings of the quindecile, a 24° aspect, were born out of the new–mathematically accurate–name for the 165° aspect, now called undecaquartisextile. Please read about the Undecaquartisextile as its related aspect patterns which can be found in the Pluto – Full On series. You’ll find the Pluto – Full On series under the subcategory of Undecaquartisextile, located in the Feature Articles tab. Thanks for your patience with the modification of the name.

At 7:42 Thursday morning, March 5, 2015, in the midst of an approaching, already within aspect, Full Moon, Ambassador Mark Lippert of the United States was attacked by an unknown assailant in Seoul, Korea. The 55-yo assailant has already been arrested. (This comment about the assailant’s age has been amended to the correct age. Some news reports indicated that he was armed with a razor blade. He wasn’t. He was armed with a 7-inch (17.78 cm) knife. The ambassador required 80 stitches on his face and will be in the hospital for about 4 days.)



While we don’t have Lippert’s timed natal chart, his date of birth and place of birth are listed in Wikipedia–and this is some way to start a new year of life, and a new Solar Return! His injuries are said to be non-life threatening, but it’s obvious he had a close call.

Ambassador Mark Lippert - untimed natalTake note of his natal Sun-Saturn square, and his Sun and the transiting Sun are conjunct transiting Neptune as I write. But I’m most interested in noting that his Venus, in the untimed chart at 29 Aquarius 55 was making a 5-minute partile conjunction to the recent (February 18) New Moon at 29 Aquarius 59’54’.

Ambassador Attacked - South KoreaThe transiting 29 Pisces 44 Ascendant at the time of the attack fell conjunct the upcoming Solar Eclipse at 29 Pisces 27 with Mars rising as the first planet in a first house intercepted Mars-Uranus-Venus in Aries stellium in square to transiting Pluto in the 10th. Incidentally, Venus and Uranus are making an 11-minute partile conjunction within the stellium.

South Korea - Attack inside, Lippert natal outsideBut the Midheaven is also at an anaretic degree, and transiting Pluto is conjunct Lippert’s Mars. Although we know his Moon is most definitely in Capricorn, we cannot say for sure that Pluto was conjunct his Moon–but we can say with certainty that Pluto was making a 24-minute partile conjunction to his natal North Node! Meanwhile, transiting Mars, which I mentioned in the last paragraph is squaring transiting Pluto, is well within orb of the opposition to his natal Pluto, intercepted in the 7th house.

Mars-Pluto hard aspects can carry these kinds of warnings to watch oneself in the midst of potential attacks. They don’t have to take place, but one shouldn’t be careless under these kinds of transits. Certainly Ambassador Lippert was unlikely to have been in an unsavory, unsafe neighborhood as he was about to enter a building for a breakfast meeting. Nevertheless, this incident serves as a reminder to take care when one is under such transits.

Photos of Ambassador Lippert showed him standing and, while early reports seemed to indicate serious injuries (something I don’t suppose any of us really know for sure from photos), the small razor used in the attack appeared to have cut him on the face and at least one hand.

Take note that while transiting Saturn is squaring transiting Neptune in the 12th house of the attack chart, natal Neptune, a mere 7 minutes from the perfected square to transiting Neptune (part of the Life Cycles Crisis transits), is experiencing a conjunction of transiting Saturn: the peeling of Life’s onion. The transiting Moon as well was forming a transiting T-square, making Saturn conjunct his natal Neptune the arm of the mutable aspect from the 6th house to the 12th with the arm in the 9th (the transit and natal Neptune are within 5° of orb to the 9th house cusp–and astonishingly, transiting Neptune is making that perfected square to the 9th house cusp!The aspects in the two charts are incredible on their own, but there are even more amazing aspects that can’t be missed: Jupiter, in 16- and 25-minute partile trine to the Uranus-Venus portion of the 1st house stellium, in a 24-minute partile quincunx to the Sun and in a 39-minute partile quincunx to Pluto, creating a yod. I’m shying away from calling this a kite because the opposition isn’t quite as tight as I’d like to see a kite formation. The yod is especially perfect, but the opposition is just not tight enough for me to consider it a kite. (That’s not to say the opposition isn’t there. It is, but yods are so tight in the formation, the kite should be as well, IMO.)

The transiting Moon is, however, forming an undecaquartisextile (165°) to Mercury within a 1°43′ orb, and Mercury is still opposing Jupiter.

The Eastern 4th quadrant dominance indicates that the assailant was working on his own (lone wolf, as recent news reports have been saying), and with neither the above- nor below-the-horizon taking an emphasis, the assailant didn’t seem to care who saw him carrying out this act.

Thankfully, this US Ambassador will be out of harm’s way now, safe and getting physical attention. That was a close call!

©2015 Michelle Young