US – PLO Terrorism Verdict

How can I not examine this verdict, if only based on the news alert that showed in my mail this afternoon? The emotionalism is evident, but look at the dynamics here!


US - PLO Terrorist Liability on Israel VerdictOn the 20th of February, as we approached the February 21 Venus-Mars conjunction, activities were already coming into play in New York City’s US Federal Court when final arguments were being presented to the jury. The “dynamic duo” of Venus and Mars were dancing on the March 20 Solar Eclipse at 29 Pisces 27. But whether or not you agree with the jury’s decision today isn’t as much a concern in my mind as the dynamics of the chart. [Wall Street Journal:][]

There’s an even balance between the Western and Eastern hemispheres, seeming to indicate the achievement of a truly unbiased effort. Yet while the horizon shows Moon-ruled Cancer rising, dictating the rulership of the chart, the Meridian at 29 Pisces 49 brings up yet again a 22-minute partile to the Solar Eclipse. To impress on you the powerful impact of the moment being reported at this time in particular, take a look at the East Point of the chart, in a 2-minute partile square to that Midheaven (and 24 minutes to the Solar Eclipse).

“The wrongful death civil damages trial could have massive diplomatic and financial implications for the PA, as it teeters, according to some dangerously, near collapse and as it tries to rally international support for its push for the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israeli soldiers and officials for alleged war crimes related to the summer Gaza war,” the Jerusalem Post wrote in their article on February 23. [] []

That probably is quite true if we grasp the enormity of the award as explained by the New York Times in its alert [] [], “The jury in Federal District Court in Manhattan awarded $218.5 million in damages, a number that is automatically tripled to $655.5 million under the special terrorism law under which the case was brought.” Not $218.5, rather tripled to $655.5 million!! Could this actually mean the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, as the Jerusalem Post noted? I suppose it is possible–unless this has additional implications no one has seemed to consider yet–with any assistance from Hamas, Hezbollah or even ISIS. I could speculate that we could see a lot of tiger cubs beginning to feed the mother…

Take notice as well that the Mars-Venus still partile conjunction to each other (45 minutes by now) sits in the 10th house with the South Node of the Moon (Ketu) now Direct, and that Venus-Mars-South Node-Uranus series of transits are all intercepted in the 10th. I firmly believe that transiting aspects passing through an interception become more powerful, not less, not hidden, rather more significant in the impact itself. In this case, we’re looking at the dynamics of a jury taking action against terrorism. I’d say that’s cause enough to place these bodies traveling through Aries in an interception. Perhaps the defense expected to win the case. But as the Jerusalem Post pointed to a quote made in part by Shurat Hadin Director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, “The defendants have already been boasting that they will appeal the decision and we will never collect on the judgment – but we will go to the end of the earth to collect it.”

The quote reminds me of something I said to a friend earlier today about this news. “I remember recently seeing a post someone [made] about the March eclipse also being linked to that Roe vs Wade piece I did…[precluding] what will take place in November.”

We’re now on the approach as well to the March 17 perfected square of Uranus and Pluto at 15°17′, which appears to be in motion for triggering on the 15th of March, the day after Saturn shifts to Retrograde motion again.

And last but not least–because I haven’t mentioned Jupiter’s rising position, even more significant since it’s in approaching square from the Moon which rules the chart and points to a likelihood that this isn’t all she wrote–Saturn in the 5th is still in square not only to Neptune (the peeling of Life’s onion), but also to the Sun. It’s just outside of a partile square to the Sun, and both Sun and Neptune are in that 9th house of legal and foreign affairs. I closed out my comment to my friend earlier by saying, “This is a clear case of ‘it ain’t over till it’s over and the fat lady sings.'”

There was no hidden agenda here. That evenly balanced hemispheric action with the 4th quadrant above-the-horizon dominance truly ensured that transparency was a priority in this case.  Nevertheless, the Solar Eclipse sitting on the Midheaven points to a likelihood that this is just one more chapter in a whole line of events to follow.

Now just as I was about to close out this analysis, I decided to peek at the natal chart for the PLO, despite that I don’t have a time it was actually established. It’s too remarkable not to include here.

PLO UNTIMED chartTake note that the Sun on the day of the founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) fell at 7 Gemini 05, a mere 6 minutes from a square to today’s placement of Neptune at 7 Pisces 11. Even if the time was drastically different from the untimed noon chart you see here and the actual founding of the PLO, the placement would still be partile in square to Neptune. In addition, the PLO’s untimed chart shows the Sun as the arm of a T-square with Uranus in opposition to Saturn. Saturn is conjunct today’s Sun-Neptune conjunction.

Jupiter at the PLO’s founding was making a 15-minute partile conjunction to today’s Moon while today’s placement of Jupiter at 15 Leo 27 was in precise square to the PLO’s natal Mars at 15 Taurus 27. But today’s Jupiter forms the arm of a T-square to the PLO’s natal Mars in 27-minute partile opposition to natal Neptune at 15 Scorpio 54. It would seem all of the pieces are falling together. Even though the chart is untimed, I also couldn’t help but notice the Ascendant for today’s announcement, the foundation of the chart I’ve posted for the news, falls in the untimed chart’s 2nd house of income and values.

And if the untimed chart is even remotely close to accurate, the Moon too is significant in this chart with its anaretic degree of 29 Sagittarius 01, in 48-minute partile square to the announcement’s Midheaven, and in 26-minute partile square to the March 20 Solar Eclipse. Some might argue that even today’s placement of Mars at 2 Aries 53, in a 47-minute partile square to the untimed PLO natal chart signals dynamic change. I’m not trying to pour salt in wounds, but I would say this appears to be a decision that will have long-range implications for the Middle East, especially with events coming over the next several months. Because the PLO chart is untimed, I won’t attempt to do a Solar or Lunar Return chart. It would be a futile effort at best. Nevertheless, it would seem change is imminent in that part of the world yet again. Time will tell what comes next as we move from the Cardinal hard transits into the Mutable ones that will follow.

©23 February 2015 Michelle Young