US Supreme Court Revisits Roe Versus Wade

June 30, 2016:  With Brexit‘s having captured world attention followed by the horrific Ataturk Airport attack, the following has not received what otherwise would have taken major headlines in the United States. Since I’ve covered this story before, it’s only right that I  do so now as well. I began to write this three days ago however and am hoping I can finish it today.

On January 22, 2015, I posted my article Roe Versus Wade – On the Anniversary of the US Supreme Court Decision and looked ahead to November 2015. And then I forgot to look until this morning (June 27) when CNN announced breaking news at 10:09:26 EDT. It was more than monumental news for women throughout the United States. It was also one of those times when a British English word comes to mind that I learned some years ago–“chuffed.”

Brigand and His Wife in Prayer - Léopold Robert - 1824

“The brigands who inhabited the mountains outside of Rome were known for both their criminal ways and their profound religious devotion. Here, a young couple prays at a roadside shrine—not only for the husband’s success but for the health of the wife, who is noticeably pregnant. Robert was one of a number of artists working in Rome, including Achille-Etna Michallon, François-Joseph Navez, and Jean-Victor Schnetz, who popularized such scenes in the 1820s. When Robert exhibited subjects like this one at the Salon of 1824, one critic noted that he had blurred the boundary between history and genre painting—but praised the naturalism of his figures.”

I was definitely chuffed as I quickly read the news alerts pouring in and noticed the dates: November 6, 2015, November 13, 2015, the latter of which was expressly devoted to ruling on Texas’ abortion law. UPI had reported on the Texas law and its travels to the Supreme Court after the state law had led to more than half of the Texas’ abortion clinics closing.

From the dated New York Times link above, “The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear its first major abortion case since 2007, one that has the potential to affect millions of women and to revise the constitutional principles governing abortion rights.

“The court’s decision will probably arrive in late June, as the presidential campaign enters its final stretch, thrusting the divisive issue of abortion to the forefront of public debate,” the New York Times reported.

For those who want to see the charts and a brief synopsis of what I said back then, I’m posting the three charts with which I worked before going on to my analysis of the new chart. Please revisit the original article for fuller details.

Roe Versus Wade 1973 Decision

Roe vs Wade US

Roe-Wade decision – 4th house SR 2015 inside, natal outside

Roe-Wade decision - 4th house SR 2015 inside, natal outside

“Despite these kinds of approach[es], it seems many will not let the issue alone. Today’s (January 22, 2015) protest marches just may manage to find lawmakers moving to revisit this argument in the Supreme Court,” I wrote. “If it does, it seems the decision would be coming down then in November 2015 for yet one more time of evaluation. Saturn will only touch this point one time in its transit through Sagittarius, but remember Neptune is also going to be squaring this point during November.”

Roe-Wade decision – 1st house rising LR Nov 2015 inside, natal outside

Roe-Wade decision - 1st house rising LR Nov 2015 inside, natal outside

“This is the period as well of the Life Cycles Crisis transit series for Roe vs Wade with Neptune approaching the square to the decision’s natal Neptune next month, on February 16. This could be when the Supreme Court might see reason to reevaluate their earlier decision in 1962. Venus and Mars in November, however, will be making a transit through the interception portion of the chart’s 7th house while Neptune will have moved to direct position in mid-November. At the same time, the chart’s natal Venus will have been in a conjunction aspect from transiting Pluto on the 13th of November. …

“Progressing the Lunar Return reveals another interesting dynamic pointing to a court decision related to this case between the 13th and the 27th of November. …

“While the exact placements look like the 26th of November, that would be Thanksgiving week. I’d be more inclined to see the 20th of the month as they break for holiday recess.”

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans had ruled in June 2015 “that the law, with minor exceptions, did not place an undue burden on the right to abortion.”

In November 2015, the Chicago Federal Court of Appeals “used a more demanding standard in evaluating a Wisconsin law requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals,” indicating “the state’s justification for the law did not withstand scrutiny.” New York Times