VAK, Pakistan

I have known Michelle for over four years now and have had numerous occasions where she has helped me out through astrology and her kind words. She just doesn’t take a client to read a chart, she takes a person and tries to make sense of their life, with them, so no one would feel that they are learning about themselves through the complex study of the stars. It’s that simple and fun with Michelle! I want to especially write about the simplicity and compassion with which she explains how the planets are playing their part in our lives. She is one of the most cherished and respected people in my life and she is also a person whose advice I always trust. I have read and known some other astrologers as well but none of them comes close to the kindness with which Michelle treats each and every individual that she comes in contact with. It’s this personal trait of her’s together with her compassion and genuine interest in people’s stories that sets her apart from many other professional astrologers. It’s easy to be friends with Michelle. It’s also very easy to talk to her. I also respect her immensely because of her innate ability to talk to people from varied backgrounds and origins. And garner the same amount of respect and friendship from all of them. It never ceases to amaze me how she befriends people from all cultures and how she takes even a negative argument and turns it into a learning experience. This I learned from her and it has helped me in my own life a lot.

To talk about Michelle and not to mention the personal traits that make her such an amazing person, would not explain what makes her such a wonderful astrologer, and how she makes astrology interesting and fun, for even those who are a complete novice at it. But it is more than astrology and just a study; it’s a passion and a personal interest, and also a means to bring love and harmony in people’s lives, and many a times, also a means to bring peace and harmony among nations and opposing fractions of a region! I haven’t known any other astrologer or individual who takes time to open discussions on an issue so that a solution can be worked out. I have watched Michelle fight many causes for peace and love for the less fortunate. That definitely sets her apart and makes her a great friend, a great person.

But what makes me love Michelle the most, is of course the amount of kindness and understanding that I found in her words when she read my own chart for me and how , on numerous occasions , she chose to tell me: “It’s our free will” and how these words actually changed my life! I can also never forget how she mentioned that she “never would tell a person that they have a very complex life, or that they were complex individuals, because their chart was laid out in a complex pattern!” No other astrologer would be bothered about such a trivial thing. Most of them wouldn’t even know if it changes anything at all or not and so not all have it as right as Michelle.

The time and effort to sit through a reading with Michelle is absolutely worth the while. It earns us a deep insight in our own lives, a great appreciation of the complex science of astrology and it’s accuracy and also, a friendship with a great person, who is otherwise hidden far away somewhere in the world. So who wouldn’t want to go for it? And if I remember it right:

“Astrology is like the recipe of a meal, if you get the ingredients right, the result is also right”
From the chef and the great astrologer: Michelle Young.