Welcome to Jupiter in Scorpio!

UPDATE: Jupiter made ingress to Scorpio this week (on the 10th), and the words strike such a familiar chord for me. I hope you’ll find that to be true for you as well. Jupiter’s ingress for the USA took place on the 10th of October at 9:20:19 AM EDT (Washington, DC), the same day at 2:20:19 PM in the UK (Greenwich, England), and in India at 6:50:19 PM (New Delhi). At the request of a reader in Pakistan, I’ve added my perspectives for Pakistan now too. Jupiter made ingress in Pakistan on the 10th at 6:20:19 PM (Islamabad).

“Truth is not far away; listen to the voice within. In the quietness of solitude and away from the ever growing distractions of the mind, the answers abound. Release the ideas of self and gain the world of freedom.” ©2017 Dennis Harris

The United States and its public image, including its treatment of hurricane- and fire-ravaged states and territories appears to be coming under fire at this time.

US Powell chart inside, Jupiter ingress to Scorpio outside

Pay close attention to Mars in the Jupiter ingress chart, forming an approaching 5-minute partile conjunction to natal Neptune in the Powell chart while there’s an approaching 6th house Moon-12th house Saturn opposition with a now separating conjunction to 6th house Mars. The US government would do well to support all of her people including those in Puerto Rico who are suffering and even dying from disease, dehydration and starvation. The warning signs are quite clear here. The 9th house Jupiter ingress Sun-Mercury conjunction forms a single Undecaquartisextile to natal Transpluto, warning that wagging tongues can anger, potentially incite more protests and/or national or international violence (note the Moon-Mars conjunction in opposition to Saturn establishes a mutable Grand Cross through the square from this 6th-12th house interplay to the 2nd house Jupiter ingress Chiron’s opposition to the 8th house Jupiter ingress Mars-Venus conjunction to Neptune.

No surprise, given the tweets from earlier today, the 12th of October, federal aid is “limited” according to the Administration. Expect this to be an expanding toss-up. It’s not looking pretty, and it’s no way to start the ingress.

Ask New York State US Representative Chris Collins (GOP) about the House Ethics Committee investigation on insider trading pointing his way now.

After the initial shift to Scorpio, things potentially can calm down–provided those wagging tongues and bravado attitudes can take the edge off. At this point in time, it’s up to the powers sitting at the top in the nation’s capital. Remember, transiting Pluto is still in the first house, close to the natal Moon while transiting Uranus sits tightly conjunct that IC (2°46′) and now in 43-minute partile square to the natal Pluto. This is not the time to play Macho Man.

UK 1066 inside, Jupiter ingress to Scorpio outside

Change also seems to be in the wind for the United Kingdom now too, but at least this shows more of an internal change that will still be slower in coming. Since I’m using the fixed natal charts inside the ingress charts, there’s no point in discussing dominances. But take note of 10th house transiting Pluto’s 16-minute partile conjunction to natal Mercury. With the Ascendant of the Ingress chart conjunct natal Ceres, I suspect this represents a continuing move toward the break of the UK’s contractual agreement with the European Union. It seems to imply efforts will be focused on all i’s being dotted and t’s crossed before all is said and done. Understandably, Chiron’s opposition to natal Chiron still falls in T-square to Jupiter ingress Saturn, and scrutiny of everything brought to light at this time will be crucial.

Neptune within orb of the single Undecaquartisextile (165°) to natal Chiron points to the need not to leave anything to chance. While we can certainly look at the issues of spirituality and compassionate efforts–and yes, health plays a role here too–keep your eye on the health system. I’d tend to say this will be related to hospitals in some way but I suppose even local health clinics might be affected. At the same time, the ingress Chiron to Uranus semisextile resolves at a Blooming Undecaquartisextile to 11 Libra 15.5, forming a 1.5-minute partile to Vesta, giving me pause to wonder if some additional health partnerships might be forming to improve the health care system. I’m presuming that’s not a bad thing, and it doesn’t seem to be so. Ingress Vesta and the MC for that chart resolve at 26 Aries 32, forming a 22-minute partile conjunction to Uranus at the Ascendant. It would seem then that the nation will have the opportunity offered in a very constructive way to make things better than they are in health care now. Throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater doesn’t appear likely, but remember Uranus still represents the unexpected. Eyes and ears open and alert, do your homework, UK, so it doesn’t come barreling back on you.

I’ll insert Pakistan’s chart and brief analysis here since the end of the article is already where it needs to be:

Pakistsn inside, Jupiter ingress to Scorpio outside

Although the first house rises for Pakistan by comparison, transiting Jupiter stays in the 6th house which really points to that need for better health care. Now for the most part, what I wrote about India here – Make the most of sharing the healing process, of nurturing each other as a nation, focusing on charitable deeds, comfort to the physically, materially or mentally impoverished, it’s the best time now to begin to give the nation as a whole the ability to grow stronger through compassionate acts – is highly relevant. Unfortunately, the energies shown in Pakistan’s chart concern me because I still get the feeling that Pakistan is much like what used to be called the “angry young man,” referring to a male in his very early 20s. He tends to be cocky and brash and think he knows it all and can’t be taught (unless reined in by a superior, mind you). Until “he” in the form of Pakistan slows down and stops thinking someone else owes him because he’s been wronged, Pakistan seems to be continuing to struggle.

The process lies in the maturation factor. Pakistan has a Taurus rising and wants what it wants when it wants whatever “it” is–and if it’s not possible to have, Pakistan demands to know why. There’s a secret side to Pakistan that talks about somewhere inside the public consciousness, Pakistan knows the idea of the democracy, while tempting and romantic, is still not within reach because of the battles still raging inside the borders. That’s even more of an issue in many ways than skirmishes beginning along the borders. It’s sad, really.

Pakistan needs a strong, dedicated but compassionate leader so I look here at the foundations with which you’re working for this transit. There’s still much hard work to do before you’re ready to try for a new relationship again. I think there was a good start when Benazir Bhutto returned home to lead, but then you know what happened. That would have been around the same time as when Jupiter was transiting the nation’s 7th house

Can Pakistan change? Bilkul theek! (Absolutely!) No doubt about it! But a lot more compassion and honesty, a lot more straight shooting and not playing mind games with other nations, for example, will be needed to turn the tablets now. Pakistan needs to move forward to the 21st century, as you know, and until that happens, these issues will continue to hold you (Pakistan) back.

That said, I have to add here, I still believe Pakistan can achieve these goals. The question is when the people can overcome these feelinges of xenophobia and hostility. This isn’t a pack of dogs, but humans fighting. Nevertheless, I hold out hope it will happen.

India inside, Jupiter ingress to Scorpio outside

And then with India’s 12th house rising and Jupiter–both the ingress and natal placements–intercepted in the 6th, India has the opportunity to make great strides in areas related to health, the environment and cooperative efforts. Take time to find Ceres in the natal chart, and you’ll find the Ascendant for the ingress forming a 1°09′ conjunction while the ingress placement of Ceres forms a 1°17′ conjunction to natal Mercury. Make the most of sharing the healing process, of nurturing each other as a nation, focusing on charitable deeds, comfort to the physically, materially or mentally impoverished, it’s the best time now to begin to give the nation as a whole the ability to grow stronger through compassionate acts. This is the year when India can explore the true meaning of the nation as a unified one–not about individual groups remaining in their own tidy little comfort zones, but reaching out to embrace what India can be as a truly united nation.

This is your year, India. Don’t overextend–but don’t neglect the opportunity to expand. Leave behind the grandiose schemes, and work cooperatively and conscientiously to lift the downtrodden and neglected. Work to achieve the promise of India you were left 70 years ago. Jupiter is in your natal Jupiter’s sign again, even triggering a good time for renewal as Diwali approaches. Dispel the darkness with a fresh new start as you look ahead to the coming year.

(No worries, I’m getting back to the Solar Returns soon. As many of you know, sometimes I haven’t had the chance to be as timely as I’d like with them. I haven’t forgotten and it remains in the forefront of what I still need to do. In the meantime, have a very bright, enlightened and Happy Diwali!)

Until next time…

Lisloach Ve’Lishkoach (To Forgive and to Forget)

And it seems that time has passed over us
Something has calmed down, something unknown
Time for questions and to confide hidden secrets.

And it seems that time passed between us
Something in the gaze, something was dropped
Time for cleansing oneself, time for self reckoning.

When the tears are flowing once more
It’s time for memories
To forgive and to forget
Again to hope
To live until the last moment
To dance with all one’s strength/

And it seems that time has passed us by
Something closed, something opened
Time to spread a wing, the rain has already washed us.

And it seems that time has passed, we have changed
A wrinkle on the face, already less fragile
Something hardened, and running less to the fire.

When the tears are flowing once more
It’s time for memories
To forgive and to forget
Again to hope
To live until the last moment
To dance with all one’s strength.

And it seems that time has passed, and we were startled
The time that vanished, everything was washed to the sea
And we are less naive and less awake at night.

Namaste, I love you,

©2017 Michelle Young