Who Needs the Soaps?

I used to think the drama of a few daily soaps on TV made real life carry a bit less of the “wow!” factor. That’s what got me hooked on two soaps several years ago–and they still catch my attention in particular when I’m home. It doesn’t really matter if a month of soap opera life would translate to 9 years of real life. For at least an hour or so each day, one can be whisked away to the lives of the drama queens of the soaps. There, a woman can wipe away the tears as Joe gets word that Beth–finally back in his life after that nasty divorce and then the kidnapping–has just died in a car crash barely a mile from his home. And the female watching the soap will probably get teased by everyone in the family who hasn’t been watching because they find it silly that she’d cry at all this drama. They might even laugh.

But there’s a real life soap opera going on now at the White House, and nearly everyone is glued to the news to find out what will happen next. The liars are everywhere, it seems. And in center stage where he loves to be stands a scowling orange-faced man everyone knows as Donald Trump. For me (with apologies to those of you who may disagree with me, but this is my personal opinion), I prefer to call him “the orange one” although I could, I suppose, just as easily refer to him with a Hindi word, nautanki (drama queen).

The Cathedrals of Wall Street, 1939 - Florine Stettheimer reduced

In the astrology community, there were a few who seemed to be bent on insisting their having “called” the election and those who hadn’t forecast the Electoral College vote were “wrong.” But as I said countless times back then and have to reiterate now, the 2016 elections in the United States were never about right and wrong, rather about perspectives that, for me, were equally valid. As I recall, I was the only one who responded to Caleb Kent Grayson, the person who requested the analyses from several of us so he could study our reasoning. Here’s my take as I wrote it back then:

The 2016 US Election and the Ego Trip

In the last 6 days, I’ve been examining Trump’s Lunar Returns since his newest one began on the 13th. I had to look through my notes in conversation with astrologer John Davenport to be sure I had the timeline of that conversation in hand because of what I said at that time. (It’s now the 20th shortly after midnight that I’m posting this, so you have some perspective. I’ve been writing several days, fairly intensely over the last 48 hours.)

Thursday May 11 – 6:33 PM

I had mentioned to John that the acting director of the FBI (Andrew McCabe) had refuted James Comey‘s not having been well-respected and well-liked in the FBI. The White House had claimed Mr. Comey had not had a good rapport with his people.

“The Comey firing is going to blow up in the orange one’s face, it seems,” I said.

John said Trump’s progressed chart showed the Midheaven (MC) about to change signs at the same time his progressed Moon has done so while the Sun’s transit of the MC “will be a very big dilemma.”

As we frequently do, one or the other of us often interject seemingly unrelated thoughts. It was my turn, but it would seem my thoughts weren’t unrelated at all!

“The orange one,” I said, “is just so good (NOT!) with the economy, my nearly 3 shares of IBM stock has dropped from over 185 to 150 as of today–per share!” I went back to the vein of thought we had on the progressions and added, “Good!!! And that’s conjunct Saturn this summer when Saturn goes direct! 21 Sagittarius 11, around the same time as the eclipse. I believe it’s the same week.”

“As I said before, as soon as the Moon went into Leo it’s essentially conjunct Saturn, and his friends desert him; he’s on his own and reverts to like [dominance],” said John.

“One of the news articles I posted in the last 24 hours indicates–I believe it was Bill Moyers–the orange one was aiming for a coup.” Hint here: see the last line in the hyperlinked Moyers article.

As I’ve written, more “earthshaking news” from The New York Times has come to light with the Justice Department’s appointment of Robert S. Mueller, former Director of the FBI, as special counsel in the Russia investigation. Seems like the mercury is rising here!

Scott Pelley of CBS Nightly News said tonight that now former Director of the FBI James Comey is expected to testify in Washington next Wednesday, the 24th of May. Great timing with the news about Paul Ryan in the Washington Post.

All this in one day, today, the same day when Trump was quoted in a speech at West Point, “No politician in history–and I say this with great charity–has been treated worse or more unfairly,” he said. Now imagine, this quote, the news about the appointment of Robert Mueller and the likelihood that James Comey will be speaking before Congress very soon all hit pretty much at the same time–and in case you haven’t heard, Mr. Mueller will also be heading up the investigation of the Comey firing in addition to the Russia investigation!

It would seem that Sir Walter Scott might have written the following line from Marmion just for the orange one, wouldn’t it? “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!” (I love that line! lol)

Trump - 10th house rising LR May 13, 2017 inside, natal outside

I actually hadn’t planned to peek at the Lunar Return last Thursday, but John got the ball rolling when he said, “Saturn is on the Descendant of the LR he now goes into lol! Although I set it for his natal location.”

“Try for Washington too, so you have a fairer construct for the entire month,” I said, and John agreed. “He’s likely to be in [New] Jersey this weekend since he loves to spend taxpayers’ money on his golfing trips,” I added. (Apparently I was wrong about his having taken off to New Jersey for the weekend. He may have changed the pattern for some reason. At least the news hadn’t reported it–or I hadn’t heard about it.)

“Ouch! That’s even worse!” he said. “The Moon and Saturn embrace the Descendant, and the node [his ASC] is at the IC.” I took a quick look at John’s glance at the Lunar Return (LR) and then positioned the LR inside the natal for the more well-defined look at the return itself.

“LOL!!! This is all leading to what I had been seeing then. What house is rising?” I asked. John answered, “Natal 10th using Koch.” “And what about Placidus for the return??” I had to know, as John knows too how firm I am on the Placidus houses for the returns. “Natal house?” he asked. “It is 10 still…but it’s astounding! Natal Full Moon is on the horizon–partile conjunction!!! Sun is partile conjunct by 15 minutes, Moon is 1°29 to Descendant!” By now, I confess I was just a bit excited and hopeful

Now to understand this conversation, some of you might want to know that John’s comfort zone is progressions. I’m comfortable with the returns, but we compare and contrast with each other’s notes to see how our timings are working for the likely dates. We find this method a fabulous test of each other’s accuracy and have an additional means of determining how the timings are aligning–or not. “Time of direction then, as I thought,” he added.

The first undecaquartisextile pattern popped out at me with the Transiting Sun to Natal Sun semisextile resolving at 7 Gemini 55 in the 6th house, and I told him.

“That’s dangerous for future issues,” said John.

“I’m thinking about 4 or 5 days, Wednesday,” [May 17] I said. “Neptune will be conjunct the Midheaven.”

“And the transit Sun will have just crossed natal MC,” he added.

“John, yesterday, Mars was squaring Neptune so that’s really strongly involved here. Check his P2 [secondary progressions] to next Friday or Saturday. That seems to be the timing,” I said. (As I prepare to upload this article, it is now Saturday, May 20, to which I was referring here.)

Our work was evolving as always to show the patterns to each of us, confirming what we were seeing–and no, I didn’t miss that today–Wednesday the 17th of May–was already triggered as I’d anticipated. I don’t believe that’s all, however. This is more like the rumble of the thunderstorm, stampeding horses–or the trainsound of the tornado.

I couldn’t help notice the LR MC at 29 Aquarius 41 in amazing opposition to Trump’s 29 Leo 58 natal Ascendant with the natal position of Mars now on the IC at 26 Leo 47. But take note that the LR MC is now forming a 30-minute partile conjunction to the South Node now in Leo at 29 Aquarius 11. And now, with the LR Ascendant forming a 14-minute partile conjunction to the natal Sun, the LR Mars is conjunct the LR Ascendant–and natal Uranus still in the 12th, reminiscent of the natal chart! But remember, where his natal Sun is, there’s automatically the Full Moon from his natal chart, and his Moon is forming a 1°30′ orb in its conjunction to the Descendant while Saturn falls in the 7th house in 4-minute partile trine to natal Mars. Here, it’s important for the student to remember that Saturn is the two-edged sword. If you pay your dues, you can be rewarded with what you’ve earned through hard work. If you’ve taken shortcuts, this is a time when you discover the lessons you still need to learn–and they probably won’t be pretty, not even in trine.

With the Eastern 4th quadrant above-the-horizon dominance in this chart, I suspect this won’t bode well for Trump since he’s going to be likely to attempt to continue to show how in control he is. The May 13 Lunar Return opens with LR Neptune in semisextile to natal Ceres (A loose thought here: The mother–or perhaps the motherland in the sense of his roots since his mother would be part of his heritage) resolves at 28 Leo 32 in a Blooming Undecaquartisextile, conjunct the natal Mars and Ascendant–and the IC of the LR while forming an 18-minute partile opposition to his natal Part of Fortune at 28 Aquarius 14. And then there’s the LR Chiron semisextile to the LR MC which resolves in a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile, intercepted at 13 Virgo 46 in an 11-minute partile opposition to LR Neptune!

Neptune progressed to the MC in this chart on May 17, and that seemed to indicate his digging the hole deeper and deeper although I had been thinking it might take until the transiting Moon-Mars perfected square on May 20 (12:26:05 PM EDT). It’s possible, however, that this weekend will bring out yet one more series of events as LR Chiron moves to conjunct the LR MC. It seems to me this should be triggered on the 21st however, so perhaps there will be behind the scenes action I’m not aware of.

I no sooner finished writing the above when a spate of news alerts began to hit my notifications. The New York Times actually has a Washington Post transcript linked in their (NYT) factchecking article. Senator Edward Markey (D) of Massachusetts called these “seismic revelations. Apparently there is also a transcript of the meeting Trump had at the Oval Office with the Russians. I couldn’t find it quickly enough–if it’s linked in one of these articles–to post the link. My apologies. I’m trying so hard to get this out quickly enough today since I began to write this on May 11. (John Davenport will confirm our discussions for a while, and this Lunar Return was my realization that it appeared to be linked to events that possibly will head to collapsing the current administration.)

MO-MA perfected square in Saudi Arabia inside, Trump outside

Trump’s next Lunar Return is on June 9. Frankly, the dates from now through the 9th of June are so fast moving, I feel like I might just develop a calendar! As I posted in my notes and in this article a bit earlier, the transiting Moon forms a perfected square to transiting Mars on the 20th at 12:26:05 PM in Washington. In Jiddah, Saudi Arabia on the 20th, the transiting Moon will be in the 4th house at 7:28:05 PM in square to Mars in the 7th while the transiting 6th house Sun at the anaretic degree of 29 Taurus 50 will form an 8-minute partile square to Trump’s natal Ascendant, also anaretic at 29 Leo 58, in the 9th house of the transiting chart.

For those who are still uncertain, I cast another chart with the transiting aspects for Riyadh since I hadn’t heard yet whether this was likely to be where the Trumps are. That’s actually of more concern: Take especial note of the Moon, still considered in the 4th house, obviously conjunct the IC by 1°36′.

MO-MA perfected square in Riyadh inside, Trump outside

And here’s the chart for Washington as the transits are happening on the 20th. Before you think it would have been better if Trump had stayed in Washington, I have to tell you I’m not so sure of that! Take note of how the Moon in the transiting chart for Washington, DC, moves to the 8th house while Mars is still square from the 10th house. Regardless of which of these two cities we consider in Saudi Arabia–or even in Washington, DC–that Moon-Mars square doesn’t appear to bode well for Trump at this point.

MO-MA perfected square in Washington inside, Trump outside

I moved on with the progressions which appear to be activating again with natal Venus conjunct the LR MC (natal Venus opposes natal Neptune), followed by a possibly surprising bit of news between the 29th and the 31st of May. I, for one, will be curious especially about these last dates since it’s not usual for me to post more than 24 hours-worth in a span of time. In this case, I’m leaning toward the 29th, but my calculations are pointing toward the 30th or 31st. We can’t always hone in more tightly, can we?

Some people have come to me with their beliefs that I was going to offer a date for the ‘downfall’ of Donald Trump. If I can see it, it’s not yet in this series of charts. But I will tell you my belief that this appears to be the first of the bricks being broken in the fortress he has tried to build. To be sure, these are the important bricks–perhaps the most important bricks in those fortress walls. The rest, however remains to be seen. One Lunar Return for a single month won’t be enough. The tale will go on longer. But I do see this as one of the most important months toward the path leading to a closure on the administration.

The summer temperatures rising, it seems as if the nation’s political temperature will be rising too. As for me–for now–I’ll be satisfied with the one brick I’ve found. There are a few nudges on that brick this month, perhaps the start of Humpty’s wall coming down–but not yet. Don’t worry. I’ll look at the Solar Return to see what I can see then–and I’ll compare it to the US Powell chart again. That chart really speaks quite well to me. Stay tuned. It seems life is, as that old Chinese curse says, about to get “interesting…”

Until next time…

“The Last Refugee”

Lie with me now
Under lemon tree skies
Show me the shy, slow smile you keep hidden by warm brown eyes

Catch the sweet hover of lips just barely apart
And wonder at loves sweet ache
And the wild beat of my heart

Oh, rhapsody tearing me apart

And I dreamed I was saying goodbye to my child
She was taking a last look at the sea
Wading through dreams, up to our knees in warm ocean swells
While bathing belles, soft beneath
Hard bitten shells punch their iPhones
Erasing the numbers of radon done lovers

And search the horizon
And you’ll find my child
Down by the shore
Digging a mound for a chain or a bone
Searching the sand for a relic washed up by the sea

The last refugee

Namaste, I love you…

©2017 Michelle Young