World Tapestry: Another Suicide Attack in Istanbul

In the midst of my working on another article today, the following news has been pouring in from Istanbul where another suicide attack has been set off at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, a massive airport with an international terminal where the bombings have occurred. This is the latest of attacks not only in Turkey but throughout the Middle East in recent days and months.
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Not including the bombers, at least 28 are dead and another 60+ injured and are in the midst of being transported to area hospitals. Reports calling the injured “the walking wounded.” It appears the numbers will continue to rise. No claim of responsibility has been noted at this time, but one CNN journalist has speculated ISIS as the source. ISIS–Daesh–has targeted Turkey at least twice this year.  There is a question of shots being fired and whether the attackers or the police had fired shots prior to three bombs being detonated by three bombers, but observers noted the use of Kalashnikov rifles, another earmark of this being an attack of ISIS origins. These were aimed at killing as many as possible. One of the bombs had been detonated outside the airport. Observers say it appears to have been a coordinated attack.

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I won’t linger on this since I have a major series of articles devoted to Turkey and these attacks planned. I have not forgotten or ignored and have been taking notes as these horrific events come in. Nevertheless, I wanted to do a quick look at the chart.

I used the earliest tweet I saw for the timing at 10:18 PM. Of course, it’s possible this is a few minutes later than the actual time. But I’ll ask you to take note that a report at 12:13 AM in Turkey has given the time of the attack at “a little less than two hours ago.” With that in mind, this appears to be a pretty accurate chart based on the time I saw:

Turkey - Istanbul Ataturk Airport suicide bombing

With Mars now slowing and moving to stationary direct, the conjunction to the Midheaven seems very likely. Wherever we turn, the news and even interpersonal exchanges have been quite aggressive, a frequent marker of this apparent shift in Mars direction. But as I’ve been noting recently, even Chiron and Ceres seem to be getting into the action with Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextiles, and this one is no different! Before I go in that direction, however, take note of the Moon forming an approaching conjunction to Uranus with the midpoint at 22 Aries 40. This conjunction forms a 24-minute partile quincunx to Mars from the 2nd house.

Chiron and Ceres form the outer edges of this 2nd house series of placements with the Resonant point intercepted in the 8th house at 10 Libra 22, in square to the Sun-Venus conjunction that crosses the 6th house cusp in opposition to 12th house Pluto, ruler of the natural zodiacal chart’s 8th house. I wouldn’t call this a T-square since the Resonant point is a sensitive point and not an actual body that I know of (at least not one I’m inclined to use), but the Moon certainly falls in line here as well since it offers the bridge to create a T-square between its conjunction to Uranus–the arm–and that Sun/Venus to Pluto opposition.

In addition, remember the Peeling of Life’s Onion, still active, between the 10th house Saturn Retrograde at 11 Sagittarius 20 and the 1st house Neptune Retrograde at 11 Pisces 59. Neptune forms a conjunction to the South Node of the chart while Jupiter forms another to the North Node in the 7th house, establishing Saturn as the arm of the T-square.  Mercury, ruling the chart’s 8th house, forms a single Undecaquartisextile to Saturn.

The chart offers an East-West split in hemispheres, a split between the 1st and 2nd quadrants but a clear below-the-horizon dominance in the chart. I’m inclined to give the responsibility to ISIS/Daesh as a result in their effort to claim this is about jihad while they continue to commit these terror attacks even throughout the Islamic world. Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, the list is endless there too. Saturn serves as the traditional ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant and chart just as Uranus serves as the modern ruler. Both fit in this chart with impeccable accuracy. CNN reports the mode of operation appearing to have been an ISIS marker of what they’re calling “suicide fighters.”

What can anyone say more than prayers going out to the victims and families of these attacks. Turkey–with an especial nod to my friend Barış İlhan–I will do more than this quick news nod to you soon. I have not forgotten you!

Nor has the world.

I’m alone in here
All I know is gone
And I don’t want to die
What will be of me tomorrow?
Am I meant to be another orphaned child?
Another victim full of sorrow?
How can we live with this horror that we bring to this world?
What is it that blinds us to the error of our ways?
Nothing’s left in here, in this empty room
Where once I lived my life
Mother, why have you deserted me?
Father, why must we all struggle to survive?
And must I grow to be like you?
How can we live in this world where lives are bought and sold?

Until next time…

Namaste, I love you,

©2016 Michelle Young